The GlastoFestFeed project was set up with the initial goal to celebrate and champion anything and everything that makes Glastonbury Festival the best place on earth. Since then, it has become one of the web’s most popular and engaging festival resource.

We here at GlastoFestFeed are dedicated to feeding you all the Glastonbury Festival goods, past and present – News, Rumours, Lineups, and much more.

From the moment you apply for the ticket and count down the seconds, to the day you actually start packing and plan your root to Glastonbury Festival – the whole process is just one big enjoyable affair.

Yes, it will involve a fair amount of travel and probably a queue or two to get in, but once you pass those glorious gates, you enter a huge colourful tented city which words aren’t enough to describe.

The Glastonbury Festival site is MASSIVE – 1,200 acres to be exact. About a mile and a half across (which takes approximately a good hour or so to get from side to side during the Festival), surrounded by a perimeter fence of about eight and a half miles. The British law of the land still applies here, but the rules of society are a bit different, a little bit freer. Everyone is here to have a wild time in their own way.

That brings us to the people. The Glastonbury-goers are the most diverse bunch of individuals you will ever have the luck to lay your eyes upon. Knowing they are experiencing the best weekend of their year or even of their lifetime, they grab it while it lasts. You will undoubtedly meet all kinds of people here. The best advice we can give you when coming to Glastonbury Festival is, have an open mind. No preconceptions. Nor a timetable or schedule of what you want to do and see. The best plan is to have no plan! If you really have a band or two you want to check out, free-flow your way to them in an unplanned kind of manner. Rushing between stages so you can tick your “to do” list is not the best way to do Glastonbury.

There will always be something to see or do so don’t stay put if you’re not enjoying a certain show, move on. Often, the best memories will be the unexpected ones.