Crowd in front of the Pyramid Stage

Pyramid Stage

The Pyramid Stage, arguably the most iconic festival stage in the world. This is where the highest profile acts on the bill play, and where you are likely to find the most popular mainstream / alternative choices of...

Crowd of people dancing in front of the Other Stage at dawn

Other Stage

The Other Stage is situated right behind the Pyramid Stage and looks directly over the Somerset Levels towards Glastonbury and the Tor. Acts on the Other Stage tend to be primarily alternative / indie orientated...

Crowd dancing in front of the West Holts stage, which is lit by yellow lights

West Holts

Along with the Pyramid Stage and The Other Stage, West Holts is one of the 3 large outdoor arenas. Formerly known as “Jazz World”, this stage was renamed West Holts in 2010, and was the first area to feature dozens of...

The Park Ribbon Tower illuminated at dawn

The Park

A completely new entertainment area was introduced in 2007 which was positioned at the south-west tip of the site aka the top of The Park, Home Ground camping field. Simply entitled The Park, this area was initially...

John Peel Stage under dark clouds

John Peel Stage

The John Peel Stage is set inside a huge red and blue striped marquee tent, which is situated beyond the Silver Hayes dance area, at the northwestern portion of the site. Known for being the home of fiery new music you...

Silver Hayes Stonehenge colourfully lit up at night

Silver Hayes

 Glastonbury Festival’s reborn Dance Village – home to several different Dance venues, all collectively grouped under the title of Silver Hayes. As the original titled incarnation name suggests, it hosts mostly...

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