Glastonbury Festival Rum Shack manager speaks about new RE:SET project

Glastonbury Festival Rum Shack manager speaks about new RE:SET project

By Dan Tsu
Dan Tsu - Re:Set Gallery
Dan Tsu - Re:Set Gallery

A living Gallery document of the architects of our culture and intersection of festivals, counter-culture and environmental sustainability

Imagine if festivals were a blueprint for a better society? What if the people behind Glastonbury Festival and similar ‘authentic’ festivals – from directors to build crew – were already building a sustainable future?

My name is Dan Tsu, manager of Rum Shack in The Common. Did you catch our big 2023 line-up announcement from our mothership @glastothecommon? We’re over the moon about it, and we can’t wait to welcome you all to our palaces of dance.

For us, The Common at Glastonbury is a magical, naughty corner of the world’s greatest festival and a spiritual home. Literally. There are crystals buried beneath the Temple. The Common is where the biggest DJs perform in 360 amphitheatres, revellers dance in @rumshackglasto for 5 days straight until sunrise, and indigenous shamanic rituals bless the weekend soil. It’s a space where anything is possible, and where we can truly let our freak flags fly.

The Common, Glastonbury 2016
The Common, Glastonbury 2016 • Credit: Clive Wright

This year we are especially excited about RE:SET Gallery – a digital project that documents the counterculture of festivals like Glastonbury and sustainable action.

RE:SET was co-founded by myself and Céline Huerta, creative director at stunning Mexico festival @bahidora, and supported by British Council Mexico for Cultura Circular. We believe that counterculture movements and festivals have the potential to challenge dominant cultural norms and values, and to promote more sustainable ways of living.

Through a series of digital (and in-person) micro-talks, RE:SET is thrilled to showcase the work of festival makers and activists who are creating new visions of a more sustainable future – Including Steve Bedlam (co-founder Refugee Community Kitchen, The Common & Bedlam Soundsystem); Robin Collings & Kaye Dunnings (co-directors Shangri-La Glastonbury & Lost Horizon), as well as directors, sustainability experts, festival pioneers and musicians from Shambala, Julie’s Bicycle, Sustainable Sidekicks, Continental Drifts, Boomtown – which all have a piece of the blueprint for a better future.

We plan to turn this into an educational resource for young change-makers, event-makers and students. If you like that idea, give us a follow and come say hello. We’re so grateful to be a part of this Glastonbury community, and we can’t wait to see you in days. So let’s dance until sunrise, let’s spread love and positivity, and let’s keep pushing for a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Below you can watch the latest micro-talk taster, taken from the full interview with DJ & founder of Continental Drifts and Shangri-La, Chris Tofu, as he shares his experiences with RE:SET. Enjoy!

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