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Glastonbury’s Shangri-La: Expect the unexpected

Glastonbury’s Shangri-La: Expect the unexpected

Shangri La Glastonbury Festival

‘Re-cycle, Re-Use, R-esist’

Usually, the hottest topic for a healthy Glasto quarrel is without a doubt, the line-up. That said, this festival holds within its viscera so much more than just great music. From a world class Theatre & Circus to the body and soul relaxing Healing Fields, through to the topic of our current focus – the mind-opening Shangri-La.

Shangri-La, a living and breathing mini-city within the Brigadoon which is known as Glastonbury Festival. It is located at the festival’s South East corner and is legendary for it’s embellished political themes and extraordinary production.

Every year Shangri-La adopts a different theme. This year’s theme was based on the premise of ‘Re-cycle, Re-Use, Re-sist’.

You never really know what to expect upon entering this alternative dimension. Initially, it might take your breath away, just to repeatedly blow your mind with every added step taken whilst you discover all the little nitty-gritty parts of this mind-blowing dystopia.

The Shangri-La Team have taken this area through a complete rehaul in order to champion this year’s theme. Stepping into this zone leaves no one apathetic. From the sight massive Towers of Trash which dominate the Shangri-La skyline, and are all solely made out of recycled waste such as plastic bottles and empty cans. To the visuals of SHITV – Shangri-La’s new International Television Centre – by day, a platform for debates and discourse in DIY culture, documentary making, and Activism. By night, broadcasting the best in UK comedy and live art. Not to mention the all new stages such as The Greenhouse, Trash Disko, Clash and a Gas Tower looming over the entire site with its 360 degrees of awe-inspiring audiovisual action.

As if all that isn’t enough, one of this year’s highlights was deftly the Earache Express. A recycled, disused Victoria line tube carriage built to accommodate 145 people. This collaboration between Shangri-La and Earache Records is no less than history in the making, as Punk and Metal-heads finally find a safe haven (or hell) at the festival.

Below are some of this year’s Shangri-La gems, just to give you an idea of what this spectacular dystopia is like. However, ultimately, Shangri-La is a place that needs to be witnessed first hand to be believed. So next time “you’re in town” why not pop down? For those of you who have already been, feel free to share with us your best Shangri-La experiences. We are always keen to hear them, as they never seem to disappoint.

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