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The Glastonbury Tree that keeps on giving

The Glastonbury Tree that keeps on giving

Glastonbury Tree

Greenpeace’s Glastonbury Tree: ‘Stand for Forests’ was a key message at this year’s Glastonbury Greenpeace Field

Each year the Greenpeace Field gateways see their fair share of festival-goers with its well-deserved popularity attributed in some to their free hot showers and delicious veggie food available at their cafe amongst other things.

Greenpeace’s mission this year was to spread awareness and to halt deforestation everywhere while ensuring that by the middle of this century, we’ll have more forests on the planet than we have today.

This is where the main attraction in the form of the artificial tree comes into play, which was designed to highlight the Greenpeace campaign emphasising the important role forests play in maintaining the health of our planet.

Last year’s huge rocket was transformed into a breathtaking 20m-tall giant colour changing Glastonbury Tree, where DJ’s played until the early hours washed in colourful and beautiful SGM lights. The giant Glastonbury Tree ‘comes alive’ at night and was a must-see feature this year for the 170,000 Glasto-goers. At night, the 20m-tall tree served as a DJ hub showcasing their sets, while during the daytime it stood as an environmental beacon.

Building a tree with such a sustainability message, it better be sustainable and Greenpeace and their creative team came through with nothing less.

Glastonbury Tree Greenpeace
Greenpeace Tree by night | © soundlightup

According to the Factory Settings team, the ModTruss structure is simple to put together and they were able to build the Glastonbury Tree at Worthy Farm from Triple E drawings, ticking the requisite safety boxes in the process.

Lucy Edelstein, Project Manager at Triple E, commented: “We were delighted the Factory Settings team approached us with their designs. We made a 3D drawing for approval, test built the tree and shipped the parts.”

Factory Settings’ Director, Lucien Mansell, said: “ModTruss is a unique product ideally suited to a one-off bespoke item like this because it doesn’t require custom components.

Glastonbury Tree Greenpeace
Greenpeace Tree by day | © soundlightup

Apart from the giant Glastonbury Tree, the Greenpeace Field also featured a skate ramp, a climbing wall, Power Ballad Yoga and a Virtual Reality Dome allowing visitors to be immersed within the Amazon Rainforest.

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