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This is how fast Glastonbury Festival tickets sold out in previous years

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Two years ago tickets for Glastonbury 2017 sold out in just a matter of minutes – Blink and you might miss it.

Looking back to Glastonbury 2017, coach package tickets were all snapped up in under 23 minutes on Thursday, October 6, 2016 – with general admission tickets selling out in just 50 minutes a few days later.

The demand for the 135,000 tickets for Worthy Farm’s legendary festival is always extremely high, but with 2018 being a “fallow year”, the anticipation for Glastonbury 2019 is higher than ever (to put it mildly).

Just so you have somewhat of an idea what to expect and put things in perspective for Glastonbury 2019’s ticket release day – below are the times it took Glastonbury Festival to sell out since the introduction of the October sales:

2009: 5 months
2010: 12 hours
2011: 4 hours
2013: 1 hour 40 min
2014: 1 hour 27 min //
Coach packages: 28 min
2015: 26 min //
Coach packages: 15 min
2016: 33 min //
Coach packages: 23 min
2017: 50 min //
Coach packages: 22 min

With all that being said, there may be a greater chance of getting a ticket in the future.

Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis told the International Festival Forum (IFF) back in 2017 that organisers are “looking at increasing the numbers by about 30,000”, pushing Glastonbury’s capacity up to 280,000 (accounting fans and staff combined) – which is over a quarter of a million people, if you think of it!

“We started with 100 acres; we’re now up to 1,500 acres,” he explained.

“We’re looking at increasing that, but I don’t think we need to really. I’m not desperate to increase it. There’s value in it being smaller and harder to get to – it makes it a bit more exclusive…”

With extra 30,000 tickets which are bound to get grabbed up like hotcakes, it would be the wet dream come true for most festival promoters.

Eavis, however, is renowned for giving away the vast majority of the profits to charity, which means the move would not be about making more money – not for himself at least.

“It costs about £30m to build the show, with about £2m left over,” said Eavis, “and we give away £2m to various charities.

Eavis stressed how his wonderful farm and loving family were enough rewards for him, though the rise in ticket sales could see more money going to the festival’s charity partners – adding that “If you’re well off enough to live like I do, with a wonderful farm, a wonderful family, that’s enough for me.”

Glastonbury Festival 2019 takes place at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset from Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th June.

Tickets will go on sale at 6pm BST on Thursday 4th (coach + ticket packages) and at 9am BST on Sunday 7th October (general admission tickets) -> details here.


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