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Laura Plane’s husband holds Glastonbury themed festival in her name

Laura Plane

#LauFest – Laura Plane‘s legacy to live on through a Glastonbury-style festival

A remarkable Glastonbury-style festival was held near Wembury this weekend by Jon Plane, husband of the late Laura Plane, in memory of the inspirational campaigner who raised thousands for CoppaFeel! breast cancer charity.

In the wake of the tragic events, losing his wife of ten years, and partner of twenty to her battle with breast cancer in May. Jon Plane was working to a tight schedule and had less than a month to put together an unforgettable celebration of Laura Plane’s life.

Family and friends assembled near Wembury beach to spread Laura’s ashes while celebrating #LauFest in a way which life-loving Laura would have wanted it to be.

Featuring a massive circus marquee tent, a fine selection of local bands, silent disco and a bonfire. From wristbands and pint cups bearing the #LauFest name, this gathering had all the right ingratiates to celebrate Laura Plane in true Glastonbury style.

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Jon said he might consider holding the festival every year seeing how meaningful and successful it turned out to be.

While speaking to The Herald, Jon said: “Everyone that came said it was really lovely and it was nice to see everyone’s smiling faces – it reminded me of Laura.

“It was nice to get everyone there to celebrate Laura and after the Foo Fighters Glastonbury tribute happened, we thought we definitely needed for it to be a festival theme.

“We thought of a variety of different tents but we thought, it needs to be jolly, so we’ll have the circus tent. Weirdly, it was only available on that day.

“As well as the field we could only have on that day, our friend who does weddings was there to help spread Laura’s ashes – she was only available on that day. “So it had to be that day and it only left me a month to get everything together.”

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“Everyone was saying “how did you do it in such a short amount of time?”, and I genuinely have no idea.

“I had a good team around me and so many local businesses, friends and family have helped and donated.”

He added: “At these things I never usually get to speak to a lot of people because I’m really busy running around making sure everything runs smoothly.

“But I took a minute when we had the silent disco just to stand back on the stage and watch everyone smiling and having fun.

“At that point I just thought – yes – we’ve done it. “Laura wanted a party and a celebration and for it to be bright and colourful but nothing on this scale – I think we’ve gone above and beyond what she would’ve expected.

With both Laura and Jon being massive Foo Fighters fans and “Everlong” being the song played for their first dance on their wedding day, they had hopped to celebrate their 10th anniversary this month while seeing the band play at Glastonbury. But sadly, Laura became too unwell to go.

Jon then took to Twitter asking the band to play the song in memory of Laura, and while watching the set on TV with friends.

He told The Herald: “I was in Cornwall at a friend’s house so I didn’t have any reception but I’m glad I didn’t. I hadn’t seen the Canadian interview where he talked about it so it ended up being a surprise.

“I watched the show and when it got the end I thought ‘they’re not going to do it on the last song not on such a huge show as this’.

“Then they did. It was amazing.” He said he was delighted that Laura’s message – encouraging other women to check for the signs of breast cancer – will continue to be shared following her death.

“I wanted it to get her message out to as many people as possible – to get people to get themselves tested,” he said.

“That’s what she wanted.”

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After hearing Laura’s story a Foo Fighters tribute band called ‘UK Foo Fighters’ wanted to show their support by performing the song ‘Everlong’ following the original Foos’ tribute to Laura at this year’s Glastonbury.


I can’t thank Jay enough for coming down to play for you all at #LauFest Especially in the middle of such a tight schedule for him. I may have never got to hear Everlong at Glastonbury with Laura. BUt having the dedication by Dave G, and then topped off by having my own personal Everlong played to Me, at a festival celebrating Laura, surrounded by all the people she loved will always be a close second. So thank you all. A massive thank you to Ema and Trebor for surprising me with this. They were constantly on the phone, emails and texts to secure this happening, so please give them a warm pat on the back. This really did make it special for me. Thanks for filming David Plane xxx

Posted by Jon Plane on Tuesday, July 18, 2017


As the evening dawned everyone gathered around the bonfire as family and friends shared their fondest memories of the Stowford Primary School teacher.

“I just want to thank everyone that came – I think she would’ve loved it,” Jon said.

“This might be the new version of the auction we do every year to raise money – it’s the most picturesque place for a festival.”

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Laura’s eight-year cancer battle encouraged her to raise more than £30,000 for breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!

As well as raising cash, Laura has given countless talks encouraging young women to regularly check their breasts for signs of cancer.

Laura Plane’s legacy will live on.

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