Glastonbury Packing List: What to take to the Festival and what NOT

Packing List: What to take to Glastonbury and what NOT

The essential guide to help you pack for the best festival on earth!

Glastonbury Packing List
Glastonbury Packing List Β· Credit: UKN

It’s that time of year again when the Glastonbury gates are soon to open, as over 200,000 festival-goers (including staff) will descend into the world’s largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world.

The legendary Pilton-held event is set to return this summer and will run from the 26th to the 30th of June in Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset – with Dua Lipa, Coldplay and SZA as its headliners.

While we count down the days, hours, minutes (and yes, some of us even the seconds) in anticipation of what will turn out to be another life-changing weekend of musical immensity and meltdown madness in the many majestic corners of Worthy Farm, there is always that one question that keeps popping up: “What do I need to pack for Glastonbury Festival?

Glastonbury Packing List
Glastonbury packing for the best festival on earth · Credit KJ Travels

The backpack room is tight and that space is at a premium – If you can’t carry or wheel it in, it’s not coming in, and therefore, preparation is key.

There’s far more to surviving a Glastonbury than just tossing up the tent and laying down the sleeping bag, it’s the minutiae details that will help you survive the weekend.

So, as you begin to pack your bags, scroll down this page to view our ultimate Glastonbury Festival packing list, containing things you absolutely must bring (and maybe more importantly, not bring) with you to Worthy Farm for Glastonbury 2024.

Use the Page Contents quick jump tool below to skip to a specific item on the list, or take your time to thoroughly read through each item at your own pace.

Glastonbury Packing List

📌 Essentials

🎟 Festival Ticket

There is no way you’ll be able to enter those big beautiful green Glasto gates without your photo-imprinted ticket, so don’t be that person taking the walk of shame on what might turn out to be a very long way back home.

If you still don’t have a ticket and want to learn more about registration, the sale process and how you can maximise your chances of getting Glastonbury tickets in the future, click here.

🪪 I.D

Glastonbury Festival operates a ‘Challenge 21’ policy for alcohol sales. This basically means that if you look under 21, you will not be served alcohol unless you can prove you are over 18 by presenting ID, or by wearing a ‘Challenge 21’ wristband. Full details can be found on the official Glastonbury website

📢 Please Note

Normally, you will also need to show your ID if you purchased your ticket as part of a Coach Package to claim your Festival pass once on the coach.


💵 Money & Cards

Although Glastonbury might feel like another world, British law of the land still applies here – as in; no money, no honey.

In addition to having countless ATMs scattered across the site, these days you can pay for most things at the Festival using contactless bank cards or a smartphone, so, you don’t have to bring a large amount of money in cash with you if you fear losing it.

That said, you will find a few instances where old-fashioned money notes are in demand, so make sure to bring a basic cash stash with you to avoid the on-site cash machine fees.

⚕️ Medicine & First Aid Kit

In addition to a good first aid kit (which might save you a trip down to the medical centre), make sure you’ve got all your prescription medication and medical information with you.

📢 Please Note

Glastonbury’s full prescribed medication policy can be found here.

📌 Camping

⛺️ Tent

Go for a decent-sized (at least two/three-person) sturdy long-lasting tent which you can sit up (or even stand) comfortably in and has enough space inside for yourself + all your gear.

If possible, opt for one with a porch or communal area and multiple bedrooms if you’ll be sharing as a group – that way, you’ll be able to have your “most important meal of the day” with your mates while staying high ‘n dry in any case of a raging storm outside.

Speaking of raging storms, try avoiding the cheap pop-up tents which tend to start leaking if and when the heaves open up. Also, schedule a practice run of putting it all up and packing it away at home before the event.

Another feature to consider looking out for when choosing a tent is for it to be ‘blackout-lined‘, which will help prevent the early morning sunlight from penetrating the tent and waking you up before you’re ready, while also keeping it nice and cool on those warm summer days.

💡 Tip

Make sure to bring with you some spare guy ropes, as well as enough tent pegs – as you never know when you might need them.

For the campers ⤵
For the glampers

🐛 Sleeping Bag

Preferably one with a hood on it that will keep you nice and warm, because although it might be summertime, it can still get rather cold (especially late at night and in the early hours of the morning). Stay warm folks, stay warm…

🛏 Roll-Mat/Airbed

Although people’s opinions tend to differ between the two, keep in mind that a roll-mat is much lighter than a blow-up airbed and does not require a pump.

💡 Tip

Roll-mats might just be the best thing to put underneath your sleeping bag when camping at the Festival. That said, try avoiding the super-thin ones, as they’re pretty useless at stopping the ridged ground and cold permeating your bones during a frigid night. If you do however decide to go for the airbed – don’t forget the air pump.

🎒 Rucksack

Glastonbury is massive and trying to carry several different bags (or god-forbid suitcases) into the site just isn’t practical – especially when we’re talking about the mother of all festivals here.

The trek from the car parks or any pedestrian gate you decide to come in through is a long way away from where you’ll finally decide to make camp, for that reason, it would be wise to invest in a good sturdy camping rucksack that allows attaching your roll-mat and sleeping bag, as well as having enough room inside for all your clothes, food, gadgets and more – A good rucksack will last you for years to come and make that trek from the carpark to your final camping spot much easier.

What about a trolly we hear you ask? Well, unless you get one of those proper beast-looking-like types (shown below 👇) – that are able champion any kind of terrain they encounter – you best not bother.

🛒 Trolly/Wheelbarrow

A trolly can definitely make your life a lot easier and prove to be an invaluable investment when dust turns to mud while entering/leaving the Festival site, and although many make do without it, some swear by it as a packing list essential.

🚨 Important

That said, it’s most important that if you do go ahead and opt for either a trolly, 1-wheel barrow, 2-wheel barrow, or anything else which is intended to get pushed and pulled along the Glasto-fields, to make sure it’s solid as a rock and above all else has pneumatic wheels – we cannot stress this enough.

For the campers ⤵
For the glampers

🍶 Reusable Bottle

In 2019 Glastonbury banned single-use plastic bottles from the festival premises, and while you can still buy water in aluminium cans, you’re much better off grabbing a few reusable bottles and refilling them from the countless free refill points scattered around the site.

Not only will you be saving money and keeping your drinks nice and cool, but you’ll also be doing good in the form of saving the planet by reducing the use of plastic.

💡 Tip

If for any reason you forget to bring one with you or would like to purchase another, fret not, as they are also sold on-site (as well as online at the official store).

For the campers ⤵

For the glampers

🍵 Enamel Mug

These little lightweight mugs can come in very handy for morning washup routines as well as to drink (or even eat) out of later in the day – Definitely chuck one of these in your rucksack before heading out to the Festival.

🥘 Cooking Stove

There’s nothing quite like a nice cup of hot coffee to kick-start the day into gear.

That said, if you do decide to opt for the gas cooker option, it’s essential to choose both a light-weight yet functional one that won’t way you down the “treacherous” path from the car park to your campsite of choice.

We’ve listed two top-rated ones below, in addition to this one here, that include a Cookware Kit as well as a Mini Stove.

🍳 Saucepan

If you’re burning a cooking stove with you, it goes without saying you’ll need a saucepan.

🎗 Duct Tape

If anything goes wrong with the tent, airbed or just about anything else rips, tears or leaks – duct tape will be your saviour. This one from Gorilla is one of the best and will do this job.

🗑 Biodegradable Bin Bags

Rain macs, and weather-proofing for bags and clothes in a leaky tent are just some of the offhand things you can do with compostable bags, not to mention the obvious of using them to collect and dispose of your rubbish as well as to put dirty clothes/muddy stuff in when coming home.

📌 Clothing & Footwear

🥾 Walking Boots

Ah yes, the old Walking Boots VS Weliis conundrum… How about taking both?

Given the amount of walking you’ll be doing at Glastonbury, a good pair of comfortable walking boots is essential. Of course, if and when dust turns to mud, then be sure to have your trusty wellies at the ready.

👢 Wellies

We know you might find this hard to believe but, these do not have to be Hunter-made. On the other hand, don’t go for the cheapest ones you can find, as they will fail.

If and when the heavenly skies do open up and you end up wearing the wellies, keep in mind you’ll be walking long distances in them, so the main thing to make sure of while shopping for a pair, is that they are comfortable.

💡 Tip

Don’t go for the mid-calf ones; When worst comes to shove, and the glorious green grass turns into one big pile of brown, the mud will be deeper than the mid-calves and that is somewhat of a depressing situation to find yourself in.

🧦 Welly-socks/Socks

If it rains and you end up wearing your wellies, unless you have long welly-socks, the tops of the wellies will rub against your calves and you will soon find out why welly-rub is also known as ‘the enemy’. Apart from welly-socks, also pack lots of regular everyday socks.

💡 Tip

Pack more of them than you think you’ll need.

🩴 Flip-Flops/Sandals

Great for when the sun comes out and for wearing around camp while letting your feet breathe.

👙 Bikini Top

With some extra positive thinking, you might just get to use it.

🩲 Underwear

We sincerely hope we do not need to explain why you need these.

🩳 Shorts/Skirt

Ideally with pockets – Let your legs breathe…

👕 T-shirts/Tops

At least one per day.

👖 Trousers

At least 2 of them – And again, remember, pockets are your friend.

🦵 Leggings

The funkier the better – Check out these ones here, or here.

🥋 Jumpers/Hoodies

It can get (very) cold at night, so make sure you’ve got at least one warm jumper or hoodie with you.

🧣 Blanket/Poncho

Extremely useful for wearing on a super chilly night around camps or wrapping up in and heading up to the Stone Circle for a late night / early morning. Good for sitting on too.

💡 Tip

They are available to purchase on-site from charity shops around the site for around £10 – £20.

🧥 Waterproof Rain Coat

Go for one with a hood, you won’t regret bringing it.

🕶 Sunglasses

We know it’s hard to believe but the sun does actually peek its lovely rays out at Glastonbury every once in a while, and when it does Sunglasses protect your eyes from melting and hide the huge eyebags which have been formulating over your face by Sunday.

💡 Tip

If you don’t fancy taking your most expensive ones, you could always go for a cheap second pair.

👒 Hat

The quirkier, the better. Handy if it’s sunny, handy if it’s raining. You’ll be too embarrassed to wear it on Wednesday but by Monday, groups of steaming herds won’t be able to drag it off your head and for the most part, you’ll be looking haggard enough so every little helps.

📌 Toiletries

🧖‍♀️ Towel

Small hand/face towel for washing at the sink – Unless you queue for a shower you are unlikely to need a large one (Oh yes, there are showers at Glastonbury, althuogh scarce, they do excit 🤫).

🧽 Washable Flannel

Instead of going for wet wipes, why not opt for a good old-fashioned washable flannel? Glastonbury says they’d prefer if people use alternatives, as even plant-based wipes release greenhouse gases when they decompose.

💡 Tip

If however, you do decide to ignore this advice and still bring wet wipes; please go for 100% biodegradable, 0% plastic.

🪥 Toothbrush + Toothpaste

‘Cos “even a fairy princess needs to brush her teeth”.

🧻 Toilet Roll

Self-explanatory. Have some on you at all times, and again, as mentioned above, please don’t bring any type of wipes if possible, the good old toilet roll will do.

💡 Tip

If for any reason you find you’ve forgotten to bring some with you, Glastonbury’s brilliant lockups usually hand out toilet rolls for free.

🧼 Deodorant

Because smelling good is better than smelling bad.

🧴 Suncream

“Trust me on the sunscreen.”

🧴 Dry Shampoo

Hair shizzle/leave-in conditioner / dry shampoo or anything else that will be able to tame the beast.

🧴 Hand Sanitiser

Keep a travel-size bottle in your day bag.

🍆 Condoms

Better safe than sorry.

📌 Gadgets & Electronics

📱 Phone

If you’re going in a big group, you WILL get separated from the pack at some point. When that happens, you will then find yourself terribly lost and end up roaming the Farm with your newfound buddies. When you do eventually decide to return to your mates, your trusty phone will help you tell people where to find you.

💡 Tip

While you most likely will be taking your smartphone with you, it might be a good idea to also bring along something a bit more modest, or shall we dare to say “old school” like the Nokia 105. That way, you have the options and can always make use of the free lockups to store your precious smartphone, if and when you decide to “go hard” on your night out in the South East Corner.

🔋 Power Bank + Phone Charger

Get yourself a hefty power bank with a capacity of at least 20,000mAh that’s strong enough to breathe life into your precious phone on several charges and will last the duration of the festival.

We would highly recommend going for the 26,800mAh Power Bank from Anker, which is an absolute BEAST and will leave you with plenty of charging juice throughout the Festival, and then some.

ALthough this might be a bit costly, trust us when we say it is one of the best investments for the festival you can make and will definitely pay off in the long run.

🚨 Important

Make sure to check it’s fully charged with ample time prior to packing and don’t forget to take the charging cable for your phone!

For the campers ⤵
For the glampers

🔦 Torch/Head-Torch/Lantern

Carry a hand-held torch in your backpack during the day for finding the way to your tent at night.

You could always asalso take it up a step and bring a head-torch which will enable you to go hands-free when trying to navigate through a swarm of tents in pitch black – all while clutching on to the last cider of the day. Or in the likely case that you’d want to inspect those long drops before sitting down (especially on the Saturday and Sunday).

💡 Tip

You can also take an extra lantern with you and hang it from inside your tent ceiling at night – just don’t forget to take some spare batteries too.

📌 Food & Drink

☕️ Tea & Coffee

If you’re taking a gas cooker with you, then we can’t see how you don’t take tea and coffee with you too.

🍷 Alcohol

Don’t underestimate the amount of Alcohol you might need for the best weekend of your life. Unlike any other festival, Glastonbury does not discriminate between the areas, stages or campsites which basically. This means you are free to roam the entire site with a rucksack packed with your favourite drink – be it beer, cider, wine, rum, or anything else your heart’s desire.

🚨 Important

Please remember that no glass is allowed on site.

🥜 Foodstuffs

This is a vital part of your Glasto survival skills. Rebounding back to your tent, charging up with some munch food and taking stock. Glastonbury is truly quite the eatery, but sometimes the idea of getting dressed and heading out into “the wild” for breakfast doesn’t quite cut the mustard. This is precisely where the cereal bars really shine. From noodles and Hobnobs to a packet of crisps – the weapon choice is yours.

📌 Comfort & Extras

🙈 Eyemask

The longest day of the year falls just before Glastonbury. Which in turn means it starts getting light at an unacceptable hour. Combine that with waking up dangerously hungover with the sun blazing straight through your tent walls (if you didn’t opt for a blackout-lined tent), just to discover it’s only 5:30 am. An eyemask should do the trick.

For the campers ⤵

For the glampers

🙉 Ear Plugs

Listening to other people’s late-night singing (in the bad case), or their home-made mixtape blasting on repeat at 4am (in the worst case) can be entertaining at first, but that is just at first, before it isn’t entertaining anymore, and you want to go to sleep. If you’re a light sleeper, the plugs are gold.

💨 Inflatable Pillow

If you’d rather go the cheaper route and save a shilling or two you could always stuff a pillowcase with a jumper. Take care of your neck, and your neck will take care of you.

For the campers ⤵

🐨 Onesie

Perfect for those chilly evenings around the campsite (and indeed onsite) when you want to get nice and cosy while expressing your wild side.

👝 Bum Bag/Money Belt

Oh… yes, the good ol’ bum bags – as controversial as they are, that’s how useful they are.

For the campers ⤵

For the glampers

🪑 Camping Chairs

Campsite chairs aren’t for everyone, but if you/your group are the kind of people who like to spend more time around camp, chairs can definitely make the premises feel a bit more luxurious. They can also come in handy if you’re waiting in the queue for the Festival gates to open or for chilling towards the back of a crowd while watching bands play. Ideally, try to get the ones that boast armrests and a cup holder.

🚨 Important

Please do not plant a chair right smack middle-to-front of a performance designated field area, or god forbid, open up a full blown picnic while waiting for your next act to come on.

🚿 Portable Shower

Great for freshining up around camp without the need walk a long distance to que for one, plus if you have a solar shower bag, simply fill it with water and place in sunlight for solar heating of the water – heats up to 40°C in just 3 hours.

🧊 Cool Bag

Although some people might not mind drinking hot beer… If you are one of those who prefer your drink to be ice-cold (especially during a scorcher of a festival like in 2019), then you should definitely consider getting one of these Titan cool bags – which are said to be able to keep your drink cool for up to 3 days by using its ‘DeepFreeze’ high-performance technology.

For the campers ⤵

For the glampers

🚫 What Not To Bring

This part of the list focuses on what you shouldn’t bring to Glastonbury Festival.

🚫 Animals

Except for registered guide dogs.

🚫 Disposable vapes

They pollute the environment and can be hazardous at waste centres.

🚫 Disposable wipes

Wipes, even biodegradable wipes, which quickly break down into micro-plastics, are problematic environmental pollutants. Plant fibre-based biodegradable wipes release greenhouse gases when they decompose, so we would like people to really try to use alternatives. A washcloth and a bar of soap works wonders! (if however, you do decide to ignore this advice and still bring wet wipes; please go for – 100% biodegradable, 0% plastic).

🚫 Drones

They are not allowed on-site before, during or after the Festival.

🚫 Gazebos

They take up valuable tent space in the campsites. We’d also rather you didn’t put tape around your tent enclosures, please. It makes it harder for other people to get to their tents.

🚫 Generators

They are not permitted on site.

🚫 Glass

All glass will be confiscated if found, including perfume and mirrors.

🚫 Laser Equipment or Pens

They are not permitted on site.

🚫 Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas. As a contraband good, under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 this substance is banned at Glastonbury.

🚫 Non-biodegradable glitter

Biodegradable glitter can be bought from traders onsite.

🚫 Sky Lanterns or Kites

They are not permitted on site.

🚫 Sound Systems or Drums

There is enough entertainment on site.

🚫 Don’t bring more than you need

Remember you’ll need to take all of it home again. Most things can be bought on-site if necessary.

🚫 Unauthorised (pro) A/V Recording Eqpt.

Cameras for personal use are welcome.

🚫 Unauthorised Fireworks or Wax Flares

Persons using fireworks will be evicted from the site and materials confiscated.

🚫 Excess packaging

If you purchase something new for the Festival, please remove all the excess packing at home, before you arrive.

📢 Please Note

You may be searched at the entrance for any items that may be used illegally or offensively – which will be confiscated if found (and NOT be returned). 

In closing, we hope our Glastonbury packing list will serve you well as you prepare to embark on Worthy Farm and wish you all a safe journey down!

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