The ultimate Glastonbury Festival packing list: One List to Rule Them All


“What do I need to take to Glastonbury?”

It’s that time of year again, the Glastonbury gates are soon to open as approximately 200,000 festival-goers will descend into the world’s biggest greenfield festival.

While we count down the days, hours, minutes and yes, some of us even the seconds in anticipation to what will turn out to be another historic weekend of musical immensity and meltdown madness in the many majestic corners of Worthy Farm – there is always that one question that keeps on popping up: What do I need to take to Glastonbury?

Backpack space is tight, and remember that space is at a premium. If you can’t carry or wheel it in, it isn’t coming in. Preparation is key.

There’s far more to surviving a Glastonbury than just tossing up the tent and laying down the sleeping bag, it’s the minutiae details that will help you survive the weekend.

So, as you begin to pack your bags, here is the list of things you absolutely must take to Glastonbury – here is your essential Glastonbury Festival packing list:


 Your ticket  >> Don’t be that muppet taking the walk of shame on what might turn out to be a very long way home.

 Money & Cards  >> Although Glastonbury might feel like another world, British law of the land still applies here and the capitalist system is alive and kicking. Which basically means: No money. No honey.

 Tent  >> At least a two / three-person tent which you can sit up comfortably in. Preferably with a porch so you can have your “most important meal of the day” with your mates while staying high n’ dry – in any case of a raging storm outside. Make sure you know how to put it all up before heading out to Glastonbury. A tent trial run would be a good idea.

 Sleeping Bag  >> Because hypothermia is real – one with a hood on it would be a good idea to go for. Stay warm folks, stay warm.

 Roll-Mat / Airbed  >> Because you’re worth it. A roll-mat is lighter than a blow-up airbed but don’t buy the super thin ones, they’re pretty useless at stopping the ridged ground and cold permeating your bones during a frigid night. If you go for the Airbed, don’t forget the pump.

 Inflatable Pillow (or pillowcase to stuff with a jumper)  >> roll-mat, and your neck will take care of you.

 Eyemask  >> The longest day of the year falls just before Glastonbury. Which in turn means it starts getting light at an unacceptable hour. Combine that with waking up dangerously hungover with the sun blazing straight through your tent walls, just to discover it’s only 5:30 am. An eyemask should do the trick.

 Ear Plugs  >> Listening to other people’s late-night singing (in the bad case), or their home-made mixtape blasting on repeat at 4 am (in the worst case) can actually be entertaining at first, but that is just at first, before it isn’t entertaining anymore, and you want to go to sleep. If you’re a light sleeper, the plugs are gold.

 Blanket / Warm Poncho  >> Extremely useful for wearing on a super chilly night around camps or wrap up in and head up to the Stone Circle for a late night / early morning. Good for sitting on too. They are available to purchase on site from charity shops around the site for around £10 – £20.

 Reusable Water Bottle  >> Water is generally £2 for a small bottle to buy at Glasto. Do yourself and the environment a favor – save plastic and save your pennies. Scattered around the Farm there are more than enough refill spots to serve your water needs.

You have the option to pay a £5 deposit when you order your first pint in return for the festival’s reusable pint cup. It saves a ton of plastic and it doesn’t cost you anything as long as you return it to any of the Information Points. Alternatively, you can choose to take it home and continue to use it.

 Phone  >> It might be a good idea swapping out your precious smartphone for something a bit more modest, or shall we dare to say “old school” – if you’re going in a big pack, you will get separated from the pack at some point. When that happens, you will then find yourself terribly lost and end up roaming the Farm with your new-found buddies. When you do eventually decide to return to the pack, your trusty phone will help you tell people where to find you. Also, Make sure to write down your real friends’ phone numbers beforehand on a piece of paper, and Bob’s your uncle.

 Portable battery pack / Phone charger  >> You’ll probably be using your phone for photos, videos and the odd call here and there. Before you know it the enviable battery drain will occur. To combat this scenario, get yourself a hefty power pack that’s strong enough to breathe life into your precious phone several charges and will last you through the entire festival. This might be a bit costly, but trust us when we say it is one of the best investments for the festival you can make and will definitely pay off in the long run.

 Torch / Head-torch  >> Carry it in your backpack during the day for finding the tent at night while trying to navigate through a swarm of tents in pitch black. This is also when a head torch will do wonders, as it will enable you to go “hands-free” or while clutching on to last cider of the day. Or in the likely case, you’d want to inspect those long-drops before sitting down (especially on the Saturday and Sunday). Multi-tasking is the name of the game. Oh, don’t forget those torch spare batteries while you’re at it. You could also take an extra torch and hang it in your tent.

 Duct Tape  >> If anything goes wrong with the tent, airbed or just about anything else rips, tears or leaks. duct tape will be your savior.

 Bin Bags / Carrier Bags  >> Rain macs, weather-proofing for bags and clothes in a leaky tent are just some of the offhand things you can do with (compostable) bags, not to mention the obvious of using them to collect and dispose of your rubbish as well as to put dirty clothes / muddy stuff in when coming home.


 Wellies / Sturdy Boots  >> We know you might find this hard to believe but, these do not have to be Hunter made. On the other hand, don’t go for the cheapest ones you can find as they will fail. If (and when) the heavenly skies do open up and you end up wearing the wellies, keep in mind you’ll be walking long distances in them, so the main thing to make sure of while shopping for a pair, is that they are comfortable.

Do not go for the mid-calf ones – when worst comes to shove, and the glorious green grass turns into one big pile of brown, the mud will be deeper than the mid-calfs and that is somewhat of a depressing situation to find yourself in.

 Welly-socks and plain old socks  >> Because welly-rub is your enemy. The tops of wellies will rub against your calves and if they are wet this is double uncomfortable – you will be grateful for long welly-socks, these will have your back, or should we say… feet. Apart from welly-socks, pack lots of regular everyday socks, pack more socks than you think you’ll need.

 Underwear  >> We sincerely hope we do not need to explain why you need these.

 Rain-mac / Rain-poncho / Waterproof coat  >> Go for one with a hood. You won’t regret bringing it.

 Thick Warm Jumper  >> It can get cold at night.

 Leggings  >> The funkier the better.

 T-shirt / Vest / Light top  >> One per day.

 Pair of Shorts / Skirt  >> Let your legs breath.

 Sunglasses  >> We know it’s hard to believe but the sun does actually peek it’s lovely rays out at Glastonbury every one in a while, and when it does Sunglasses protect your eyes from melting and hide the huge eyebags which have been formulating over your face by Sunday. If you don’t fancy taking your most expensive ones, you could always go for a cheap second pair.

 Hat  >> The quirkier, the better. Handy if it’s sunny, handy if it’s raining. You’ll be too embarrassed to wear it on Wednesday but by Monday group of steaming herds won’t be able to drag it off your head and for the most part, you’ll be looking haggard enough so every little helps.

 Bikini Top + Flip Flops  >> With some extra positive thinking, you might just get to use them.

 Bum Bag / Secure money belt  >> Oh… yes, the good ol’ bum bags – as controversial as they are. That’s how useful they are.


 Coffee  >> “But first coffee.”

 Variety of freeze-dried foodstuffs  >> This is a vital part of Glastonbury survival – rebounding back to  your tent, charging up with some munch food and taking stock. Glastonbury is truly quite the eatery, but sometimes the idea of getting dressed and heading out into “the wild” for breakfast doesn’t quite cut the mustard. This is precisely where the cereal bars really shine. From Noodles and Hobnobs to Packet of crisps – the choice of weapon is yours.

 Case of Beer / Cider / Wine  >> The thought of bringing crates of beer and loads of booze in is very tempting, but shipping the d*man thing it is an absolute b*tch and it all tends to get warm very quickly. Rum is a good idea. Please note, no glass bottles are allowed.


 Wet Wipes  >> Along with ‘Toilet Roll’ (below) – A MUST in any and every festival packing list! Thank us later. If you have not yet come across the term “Wet wipe showers”, these (100% biodegradable, 0% plastic.) ones are bound to become your new best friend. Best kept in your day bag.

 Toilet Roll  >> Self-explanatory. Have some on you at all times.

 Deodorant  >> Because smelling good is better than smelling bad.

 Hand Sanitiser  >> Better safe than sorry. Keep a travel size bottle in your day bag.

 Suncream  >> “Trust me on the sunscreen.”

 Towel  >> Small hand / face towel for washing at the sink. Unless you queue for a shower you are unlikely to need a large one.

 Toothbrush + Toothpaste  >> “Even a fairy princess needs to brush her teeth.”

 Dry Shampoo  >>Hair shizzle / leave in conditioner / dry shampoo or anything else that will be able to tame the beast.


A first aid kit + any medication, if required. Plasters / antiseptic cream / burn stuff / condoms. (click here for the Festival’s prescribed medication policy).

We wish you all good luck, a safe journey and hope our ultimate Glastonbury packing list will serve you well and we’ll see you all on the Farm!


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Ordinary Wet Wipes will not decompose, please only use the bio-degradable ones


Or a flannel..gets you much cleaner!!

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