“I am so grateful for getting to celebrate my Birthday at Glastonbury” – Collette Warren

“I celebrated my birthday at Glastonbury Festival and can I just say, it was officially the best Birthday ever!

We stayed up all night till the sunrise! Me and my boyfriend were the last people to be moved on from Shangri-La before it got closed down! We were sitting there chatting away and all of a sudden we realised we were the only ones left, to the point that even the litter pickers were working around us, which is when we knew it was time to head back to our tent (located on the other side of the site)! It took us about 45 minutes to walk back, but it really was a beautifully magical stroll, which made us feel like we were fairies floating through the fields! There was an air or peace at 7am!

We actually managed to get some sleep, then woke up and headed straight to see Kylie Minogue on the Pyramid Stage, it was quite emotional actually, knowing what she had been through and the reason she missed the last one!

Looking back, I am so grateful for getting to celebrate my Birthday at Glastonbury – it really was a special landmark moment in my life, it’s hard to put into words… I feel very grateful and will never forget it!!!”


Name: Collette Warren
First Glasto: 2000
Attended: 2 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Shangri-La 
Favourite Stage: The Other Stage
Favourite Performance: Kylie Minogue 
Favourite Food Stall: The Apple Crumble

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