“Who is that feral girl dancing wild for all to see…” – Jeannie Campbell

“Who is that feral girl dancing wild for all to see… come listen to her story folks when we were innocent and… free.

In 1971 while on the Foundation course at Taunton Art college in Somerset, whispers filled the air of a festival down on a farm fayre… and within a blink of an eye… we were all transported there. A real-life landscape of music and laughter, “My rite of passage” it seemed… an irrevocable act to fulfil my dreams. What does one remember from so long ago? My green velvet trousers and dancing to Melanie, waking up to David Bowie as his voice echoed in the breeze or wild as the wind. A vision of planet earth so beautiful with Ziggy there too… Was it his intergalactic ship that transported me to the stage? When I started dancing in those fields all those years ago there was no need to stop, my body expressed all as if I were a musical instrument (which I could not play), thank heaven for the bands presented that day!

It is a wonderful moment to be part of Glastonbury and how it shapes us all in our future life – In the years to follow, I would go on to the Exeter University of Art, where I met the famous rock star Gary Moore and moved to London to live with him (as you do… ha ha), to then transfer to Goldsmiths where I studied Fine Art. l was photographed by the English Artist John Hilliard for “63 ways of looking at Jeannie” – which was bought by one of Europe’s contemporary art galleries. I was also in a film by a wonderful eccentric artist and filmmaker called Bruce Lacey, while also having the pleasure of being painted by wonderful English painter Roy Petley and Tom Quinn (who sadly died in 2015). I became a Dancer for 18 years(!) and in order to get my Equity card, even danced for the Paul Raymond (not so innocent), but it did give me the opportunity to work with Michael Caine and the late Bob Hoskins. I became a Cheese Specialist for John Lewis for almost 15 years, but my greatest masterpiece is my son, Alexander.

Now, I am back to art and poetry and was lucky enough to have an exhibition in 2018 at the Irish Cultural Centre. It is pure joy conjuring memories of almost 50 years ago, a rescue package you can open again and again like one’s first Birthday gift opened from loved ones in the knowledge they got it right.”

Photo © Brian Walker


Name: Jeannie Campbell
First Glasto: 1970
Attended: 2 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: As near a stage as possible
Favourite Stage: Pyramid
Favourite Performance: What ever inspired me in the moment: Melanie, Bowie… the list goes on
Favourite Food Stall: Anything I could get my hands on after all that dancing!

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