“My first Glastonbury was in 1981 when I took these photos” – Simon Davies

“My first Glastonbury was in 1981 when I took these photos. There were plenty more but sadly lost. The view of the stage is from our tent, I guess this was Friday morning, I didn’t know the couple near the stage but it gives an idea of how close you could get. New Order were a highlight for me along with an onstage scuffle between Roy Harper and Ginger Baker. The photo of the two old ladies is in the 50th-anniversary book of the festival.

Back again in 1983. Curtis Mayfield, brilliant. We hitchhiked there and back. We didn’t have tickets we just turned up and paid at the gates. It was forty years ago. Very counter-culture hippy days. We’d build big bonfires, hang out with other hippies. I usually had a guitar with me and we’d smoke a lot. When not hanging out near the stage listening to bands we’d explore and just soak up the atmosphere. A much smaller event than now and it felt very spontaneous and free.”


Name: Simon Davies
First Glasto: 1981
Attended: 2 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: It was nothing like the number of stages and areas there are now.
Favourite Stage: Pyramid Stage
Favourite Performance: New Order, but Hawkwind and Gong were really good too (81) / Curtis Mayfield (83)
Favourite Food Stall: I got all my food from a Caribbean stall nearby. A small family-run stall I expect. I recall some very dodgy scrumpy.

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