“My first two years at Glastonbury were as a trader working up in The Green Fields on a craft stall” – Hayley Snelgrove

My first two years at Glastonbury were as a trader working up in The Green Fields on a craft stall. 2007 was one of the wettest years ever so I was definitely chucked in at the deep end, losing wellies in the glue-like mud and forgetting what it was like to wear clothes that weren’t damp! But it was still magical, and I remember my first visit to Shangri-la and getting lost in these ‘streets’ where there were spooky window displays and hidden doors leading to secret bars and strange rooms!

It was so lovely to spend a full week on-site, getting to know other traders, and running workshops for smiley festival-goers – the atmosphere is like nothing else.

After this, I went as a normal punter with the now well-established group of ‘Festival Buds’ (which is expanding for 2021 and I can’t wait to see the looks on the newbies’ faces!). Not being on the stall meant more time to explore – I’m pretty sure I’ve still not seen it all, but we did find the secret piano bar twice, which remains one of my favourite experiences. The Arcadia show is always a mind-blowing must for us, Dolly Parton was incredible, Avalon stage is always so fun, but probably the best way to soak up all the unique Glasto vibes is to just wander about and see what happens!

As so many people have said, Glastonbury really is my happy place – I’m getting that happy bubbly feeling just thinking about it – and I feel really lucky to have seen it from two different sides.

Here is a very murky pic of the piano bar!


Name: Hayley Snelgrove
First Glasto: 2007
Attended: 5 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Green Fields
Favourite Stage: The Park
Favourite Performance: Dolly / Foo Fighters / Elbow / Skinny Lister!
Favourite Food Stall: Thali Cafe

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