“Glastonbury grabs your heart and stays there” – Alce Harfield

As a trader for 30 years I don’t get to see much (12 hour shifts on the stand take their toll and sometimes I can just about manage to stand by bandstand stage by our stand.) There are so many stories to tell… but my favourite was back in the days before mobile phones… (who knew there was such a time?) I was queuing to make a phone call at a public phone which were arranged in clusters of 6 or 8 in a circle around an enclosed shed. Someone had given me ‘something’ to smoke. When I finally got to the front of the queue the wooden board the phone was mounted on moved back, a hand came out and the whole board was turned upside down and shook so that the money could be collected. Then the phone was put back! I swear this happened but somehow none of my friends believed me!!!

From finding a ‘village disco’ in the theatre field at 2 in the morning to the spine-tingling buzz of a main stage, from the endless years watching John Ottway in the cabaret tent covered in mud to the idyllic surreal time on the Monday before when the only people on site are traders and workers. Helicopters lifting someone out of the crowd in front of The Cure, watching people drop over the fence in the stone circle, the smells, the crazy people, the sights and sounds… Glastonbury grabs your heart and stays there! In 30 years I have never had an unhappy one!


Name: Alce Harfield
First Glasto: 1986
Attended: About 31! (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Theatre & Cabaret
Favourite Stage: Pyramid
Favourite Performance: Blur
Favourite Food Stall: Mac ‘n’ Cheese

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