“Glastonbury became my safe happy place” – Jacqui Hannaby

“What is Glastonbury to me?

It’s not just a festival, It’s the celebrations of bagging the golden ticket… the first time I went (in 1994) I was 22 years old, driving down with mates in an old 1960’s VW campervan, no seatbelts tents thrown in the back and endless chat about the weekend ahead, I really didn’t know what to expect.

It’s the setting up camp with your now ‘Family’, creating a home away from home… ‘that is Glastonbury’ meeting new friends and chatting for hours sat by your tents.

It is the sound of the first can of cider you crack open, whilst sitting back, feeling accomplished, “we’ve finally arrived’, lets live these next 5 days how we are supposed to for the other 360 days of the year”…

It’s going into another world’, the first time you walk through the gates, getting your wrist band ‘that is our Glastonbury’ – The first glance of the stages, the Wednesday & Thursday walking around the site before the thousands arrive ready to enjoy their own individual Glastonbury, I remember being blown away by Radiohead, Blur and Bjork.

It’s the smells of the food stalls, the distant rumbling of baselines, the sounds of the music and the sights of all us wonderfully happy people bimbling about – The banging of the long drop doors now becomes a sound of such familiarity again it’s almost (almost) a welcome hug… and the smell… ‘that is Glastonbury’.

It’s a place to share memories and create them, it’s not just a festival it’s a place where you can feel the magic and enchantment that can be found in every corner…. It’s a place where true friendships are formed, and you dance for hours in the fields, and feel at home… ‘that is our Glastonbury’.

Glastonbury became my safe, happy place. It got me through a messy divorce and became the place I took my son for many years to come, making memories and creating a new festival addict. It makes me feel calm, happy and content, and made me a better person, I appreciate life and people more because of the people I have met.

I have been lucky enough to bag tickets for a further 11 years, making and meeting new friends every year, even visiting the farm for a wonder round when the festival isn’t on, I still get the same feeling.

In 2019 I was extremely lucky to get the chance to watch Miley Cyrus from the side of the pyramid stage – YES ME, little me, this was the most amazing experience, from the walk into the stage, the crew, and meeting Emily Eavis, what an opportunity, looking out on the crowd I was usually a part of made the festival even more special, so many happy souls in one place, experiencing the same feelings as me.

I have attended many of the milestones, 25th, 40th and now the 50th anniversary… well, when it happens.”


Name: Jacqui Hannaby
First Glasto: 1994
Attended: 16 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Glade 
Favourite Stage: Too many to choose 
Favourite Performance: Oasis 1994, The Killers 2017, Foo Fighters 2017

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