“Glastonbury is my spiritual home” – Les Redwood

Glastonbury is my spiritual home. There is no place quite like it on earth for me. There is something magical about the experience – like a huge envelope of love that covers the site the minute you enter until the minute you leave. Like many, it was on my bucket list to go and my first time, back in 2008, was like a spiritual earthquake for me – an amazing experience of friendship, love and laughter. We have always been fortunate enough to go with quite a big crew each year – up to 20 of us and we really look forward to it all year round. Stunning. Thank you Michael, Emily and the GLASTO team for creating heaven on Earth !!


Name: Les Redwood
First Glasto: 2008
Attended: 10 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Stone Circle
Favourite Stage: Pyramid Stage
Favourite Performance: Coldplay (2016)
Favourite Food Stall: Oggie Pasties

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