“Glastonbury is where spirit invites you to take a trip through childlike wonder” – Woody Cook


“Glastonbury is the only place on earth where you can walk barefoot for hours, with no danger of stepping on glass and pass thousands of people who have nothing but love for you, stalls, music and culture that is so expansive you can never explore it all. From having my bag returned to me by a man in a full 3 piece suit at 9am at the stone circle, who knew me by name, leading to me to believe he was Morpheus, to discovering hidden bars located in the walls or down a rabbit hole. Glastonbury is where spirit invites you to take a trip through childlike wonder once again, almost like an epic quest, Alice in Wonderland style, which also holds up a mirror to your own life allowing you to question your preconceived notions of self, how you treat the planet and how we should all live in Unity.”



Name: Woody Cook
First Glasto: 2000 (While in my mum’s stomach) & 2009
Attended: 3 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Maceos 
Favourite Stage: Pyramid 
Favourite Performance: Loyle Carner / Billie Eilish / Dave Back to Back on the Other Stage
Favourite Food Stall: Halloumi Fries, run by Olie Hyde

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“It may be cliche but that week at Worthy Farm really can be life-changing” – Dan Woods
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