“We got everyone dancing on the light-up dancefloor” – Grace Edwards

I really have too many Glastonbury memories to remember. I worked on a bar for years so always got the best tip-offs in exchange for free drinks – I’m not going to share the best ones! In 2013, my friend Rowena and I were looking for somewhere calm to sit down and rest at about 4am. After squatting in a corner for a while having a snack we heard music and laughter and followed it past a gate and into the backstage area. We blagged past a security guard and went into a small marquee. It was a Speakeasy style bar with leopard-print everything. Head to toe, right to left leopard print. There was probably only room for about 15 people, and we got everyone dancing on the light-up dancefloor. There were a few well-known people there, and I blew bubbles for them and they danced around, trying to pop the bubbles. Pure bliss.


Name: Grace Edwards
First Glasto: 2012
Attended: 5 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Park
Favourite Stage: Glasto Latino
Favourite Performance: I’ll always remember seeing a Hungarian folk singer at the secret piano bar
Favourite Food Stall: The Green Brownie

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