“My first Glastonbury-year was 1982” – Nicki Berridge

״My first Glastonbury-year was 1982 – I recall my mate asking me what I was up to at the weekend as there’s a festival at Pilton and whether I’d fancy going? “Why not, it’s only 15 miles away,” I said…

Wow, what an experience. I fell in love with the festival and have been to every one since (except 2015 when I couldn’t get a ticket). The first time I went, a ticket cost £12 and the atmosphere was like nothing else I’d ever experienced. Seeing that we live so close to the site and there would always be a massive crowd of us going, we usually manage to camp really close to the stage. It was, and still is the highlight of the year, every year. The laser show from the Pyramid throughout the ’80s and ’90s was also just amazing! One of my all-time favourite pinnacle points would be from 2013 when the Stones took to the Pyramid Stage, which was pure awesomeness in all its glory.

I have so many good memories from Glastonbury, so many great times with friends, some no longer with us… but my memories will last a lifetime!״


Name: Nicki Berridge
First Glasto: 1982 
Attended: Loads! 
Favourite Area: Avalon 
Favourite Stage: Avalon 
Favourite Performance: Rolling Stones
Favourite Food Stall: Pilton Pasta 

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