“The long drops, the smells, the sunburn, the chants, the lights, the Pyramid Stage” – Ryan Watts

“The midnight arrivals, the (long) queue excitement, the heat, the mud, the one friend who packs too much, the one friend who packs too little, the warm cider, the food stalls, the pure joy, the views, the stories, the jokes, the signs, the flags, the memories, the blisters, the late nights, the giant Yorkshire pudding, the crowds, the walking, the tents, the outfits, the characters, the long drops, the smells, the sunburn, the chants, the lights, the Pyramid Stage, the heritage, the legends, the farm, the rumours, the announcements, the headliners, the unity, the water bottle showers, the history, the fireworks, the wristbands, the tent arguments, the tent location, the tan lines, the sunsets, the trips over tent pegs, the walk back from Shangri-La, the glitter, the sadness when leaving, the leaving no trace… THE BEST!”

Name: Ryan Watts
First Glasto: 2017
Attended: 2 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Shangri La / The Park 
Favourite Stage: John Peel / IICON
Favourite Performance: Either Foo Fighters or Jungle! (Foo’s nabbed it due to the fireworks on Pyramid)
Favourite Food Stall: Giant Yorkshire pudding 

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