“A story that includes Gilbert O’Sullivan” – Chris Difford

“I have so many memories of the Glastonbury Festival but one that springs to mind is a story that includes Gilbert O’Sullivan. I followed his Range Rover onto the site many years ago, I think 1995. It took ages to edge our way along the narrow track with people walking either side of us. I felt terrified. They saw Gilbert in his car and some people sang to him while others started shaking the sides of his car for fun, he looked bewildered and a little anxious. We made it to the Acoustic Stage and parked up. His set was so great so full of hits, what a kind soul he was and everyone loved the show.

Later that afternoon it was time for me, sadly I took a wrong turn out of the backstage carpark and ended up in the middle of a very soggy catering field, now it was my turn to have my car shaken and to be sung at. I felt nervous and very stupid stuck in the famous Glastonbury mud. My 4 wheel car slowly made its way past the waffle van and back out onto the right narrow track back to the Exit sign. The day seemed to go on forever. It was a pleasure to meet young Gilbert, I am a massive fan after all.

The cherry on this Glastonbury cake was hearing Glenn Tilbrook, my chum, duet with him on ‘Nothing Rhymed’. Two of my favourite songwriters in full harmony, a golden moment for me and a memory as clear as mud.”


Name: Chris Difford
First Glasto: 1971 
Attended: Many
Favourite Area: Catering 
Favourite Stage: Pyramid
Favourite Performance: Barry Gibb
Favourite Food Stall: All of them

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