“It’s like the field itself, the people and all the love emit this crazy kind of energy which carries you along” – Nadine Hemming

“Ahhhh, Glastonbury. Brace yourselves, this is an absolute, life-changing, soppy old love story : )

The first time I ever went to Glasto in 2014, I kind of had to be talked into by my flatmates, who religiously went every year. I was convinced it wasn’t for me… the whole “no shower, no proper bed & camping” situation. In October 2013, I buckled and said yes. We managed to get tickets, and from this moment onwards I started to feel an excitement unlike any other. I have to admit that back in 2013/2014, I’d found myself at the peak of a mental health crisis, feeling extremely unwell, unable to live a normal life, nearly unable to feel any joy at all. I was an anxious and depressed mess, unable to find a way out of this darkness, and everything just seemed to go wrong. As much as the thought of being ripped out of my daily routines excited me, it scared the hell out of me too.

The moment I touched down at Glastonbury, I could not have felt more different. It’s like the field itself, the people and all the love emit this crazy kind of energy which carries you along. For the first time in years, I was absolutely buzzing;) Spending five days in nature, mostly without phones, being part of an amazing crowd, witnessing some of the most incredible gigs, high on Vitamin D from all the sun, eating the most amazing food, having incredibly deep chats with complete strangers, surrounded by amazing friends and people, sitting and laughing round the fire every night to be woken up by the Other Stage firing up at 10am… it all turned me into a completely different person almost overnight. I arrived as a wreck and left almost completely healed, ready to take on life again. Not even my hardcore sunburn (forgot the put on sunscreen while queuing at the entrance… beginners mistake!) could down bring the mood.

Apart from 2015, I’ve been back every year since. I’ve stood in the middle of the Pyramid Stage crowd, crying tears of happiness more than once, simply for being grateful to be right in this moment, and to have found this incredible place. Whenever a little bit of darkness creeps up on me again, I just think of that.

Honestly, I wish you could win a ticket-for-life for Glastonbury. I don’t think there’s much that would make me happier;) From the bottom of my heart, thank you Michael & Emily Eavis, for creating this absolutely magical place, which I will hopefully visit many many years to come.”


Name: Nadine Hemming
First Glasto: 2014 
Attended: 5 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: It’s not really an area, but passing this little stage on the railway track in the woods… the one with the massive disco ball, makes me smile every single time
Favourite Stage: Pyramid Stage
Favourite Performance: Foo Fighters / The Killers
Favourite Food Stall: The amazing falafel wrap stand near the Other Stage 

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