“Up at the Glastonbury sign…” – Scott Parker

Okay so picture the scene… a quiet village pub in rural Northamptonshire (Winter 2014), a relatively newly made friend from said village asks ‘would you be interested in helping out on our gate as a Steward at Glastonbury…?’ …Yeah, that’ll be fun… (it’s never gonna happen) – Imagine my surprise once past the mandatory safety training and registration as a Steward I find myself at Glastonbury Travelodge, on the Monday before the festival, looking up at the Tor and wondering what I’ve got myself into.

Tuesday AM on-site, tent up, wristbands etc sorted, time for a wander… Never seen anything like it, can’t get my head around the size and feel of the place… up at the Glastonbury sign (looking at my friend’s face who’d seen it all before but sees THAT LOOK on my face), man what a sight.

The rest of the week proceeds in a magical blur, with my head literally on swivel mode throughout. Loads of small intimate performances, huge emotional performances (The Who …never thought I’d get to see them), Landsend Bar and the inevitable ‘is that….?’ (yes indeed it is) but overall the vibe, feel and general attitude of the festival and the lovely people you meet.

Unfortunately for most of my friends and family I became a classic ‘let me tell you about what happened at Glastonbury..’ BUT it’s impossible to tell anyone what it’s like you’ve just got to experience it for yourself. It changed my life for the better and long may I be able to attend and support the festival in my own small way.


Name: Scott Parker
First Glasto: 2015
Attended: 4 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Park
Favourite Stage: West Holts
Favourite Performance: Jungle (2015 & 2019)
Favourite Food Stall: Every Burrito stall plus the cracking burger stall in Park that I can’t remember the name of

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