“A very wet festival was my introduction to Glastonbury” – Matt Walsh

“A very wet festival was my introduction to Glastonbury (which in a way was a good lesson, because any dry festival from that point on feels like a bonus).

I think the most recent festival is usually termed the “best one yet” by the organisers, but for festival-goers, I kinda think that the first one will always have a special place in the heart, I know it certainly does for me. Back when bands like Foo Fighters and Fatboy Slim were performing around teatime, and the Joe Bananas Blanket Stalls were the places to find the all-night DJ’s, the meeting point was full of strangers laughing with each other, and the info point noticeboard was specularly useful. These were all things that were eye-opening to a first-time festival-goer, particularly as the weekend progressed and you saw as many bands as you could pack into in a day and night as the young, eager, early-20’s hedonistic music fan I was back then. Having a few hours sleep, and then getting up again to try and repeat the previous day’s activities, only a little bit more tired, but when headliners like Underworld and Pulp are on Sat/Sun, you kinda find that special energy to keep going.

So that started the mild obsession with Glastonbury Festival for me, it was only my 4th gig/event I’d actually been to, but it certainly carved a path for my life, going as a punter from 1998-2002, then from volunteering with Oxfam from 2003-2016. 2016 was the year I also changed teams, and joined the Arcadia stewarding team. Both are lovely teams to volunteer with, and make everybody feel very welcome. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to see (with the exception of two) all the bands I ever wanted to see in my lifetime so far, with the exception of Nirvana, Beatles, though what with Elvana, and Bootleg Beatles playing at Glastonbury, I’ve come pretty damn close.

I’ve made some great friends at Glastonbury and friendships that I had outside of Glastonbury, have been made stronger by us attending the festival and partying together.

There’s way, way, waaayyy too many moments to describe, and friends to name, but Glastonbury has been such a huge, important, and positive aspect of my life, it’s tricky to think how my life would have turned out without it happening.

Extra Supa Dope Thanks to everybody I’ve met, partied and worked with over the years. Hopefully, we’ll have many more. :)”


Name: Matt Walsh
First Glasto: 1998 
Attended: I haven’t missed one yet (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Glade/Arcadia 
Favourite Stage: Impossible to answer 
Favourite Performance: Chemical Brothers (2000)
Favourite Food Stall: Gotta be the Welsh Oggy Oggy stall 

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