"Glastonbury is home" - Kevin Parry

“Glastonbury is home” – Kevin Parry

Glastonbury is home. Glastonbury is temporarily forgetting the bad and the negative in the world. There are no wars. There’s no politics (well maybe a little…). Glastonbury is the very best of life. It is our happy place. Our first ...
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"I was 18 when I decided to go to Glastonbury for the first time" - Toby James

“I was 18 when I decided to go to Glastonbury for the first time” – Toby James

I was 18 when I decided to go to Glastonbury for the first time. A friend had offered me a tent-share – The only problems hindering my plan were that it was the Friday afternoon of Glasto weekend, I didn’t ...
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"My love affair with Glastonbury started in 2010" - Kate Houghton

“My love affair with Glastonbury started in 2010” – Kate Houghton

My love affair with Glastonbury started in 2010 and I’ve been obsessed ever since! At my last festival in 2015 (not for lack of trying to get tickets), I went to see Jessie Ware on my own at the John ...
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"My first Glastonbury was 1994" - Ian Bradley

“My first Glastonbury was 1994” – Ian Bradley

My first Glastonbury was 1994 as a 27-year-old with a group of mates. Blessed with the weather, incredible lineup, phenomenal vibes, paradise. Only missed a handful ever since, my spiritual home. Tried most of the others but no comparison. Struggled ...
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"I beat Seasick Steve at a game of table tennis backstage West Holts" - John Kerridge

“I beat Seasick Steve at a game of table tennis backstage West Holts” – John Kerridge

I beat Seasick Steve at a game of table tennis backstage, West Holts in 2014. Name: John Kerridge First Glasto: 1995 Attended: I think 20 (as of 2020) Favourite Area: Stone Circle after our stage production has closed. Chill, capture ...
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"Any Old Gits going alone" - David McLenachan

“Any Old Gits going alone” – David McLenachan

“Most of our group were going to Glastonbury before we all met up in 2005. Early that year, on the original festival message boards, there was a post topic headed ‘Any Old Gits going alone’ from a Sara in Devon ...
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We launched the Glastomonial Gallery – initially known as the ‘Once Upon a Time in Glastonbury’ project – back in April of 2020, due to the cancellation of Glastonbury Festival and the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, inspired to find fellow Glasto-goers who would like to share their Glastonbury stories, memories and photos!

“Legend tells of an enchanted Brigadoon that appears for only 5 days a year at midsummer, in the flowering meadows of the Vale of Avalon. It is said that there may be found entrancing music, amazing spectacles and wonders beyond compare.” – A temporary city where stories and memories are created and woven into the very fabric of one’s soul.

Since founded by Michael Eavis back in 1970, the Pilton Pop Folk & Blues Festival (as it was known back then) has taken root and blossomed from an organically intimate assemblage, into the legendary known-the-world-over [Glastonbury] Festival it is today. As the years pass and times come and go, the Festival continues to flourish into a distinctive incarnation of itself – holding true to its original spiritual past, while bonding the people through new shared experiences on the hallowed grounds of Worthy Farm.

The goal of this project was and still is to put the people who make Glastonbury Festival the most magical place on earth front and centre, while helping everyone during challenging times, uniting the community and keeping spirits high!

The submitted Glastonbury testimonials or ‘Glastomonials’ as we like to call them, will hopefully become part of a bigger archive bearing a unique historical perspective, accounting for anything from “what Glastonbury means to you” to that crazy-hazy-Glasto-4am-half-a-memory-of-a-story, you just have to tell the grandkids.

We’ve already had some amazing Glastomonials come through and can’t wait for you to contribute yours too!



Submission Guidelines

Below you’ll find a submission form where you can submit your Glastomonial.

Glastomonials can be whatever you like them to be – good or bad, funny or sad, as short or long as you wish, and should be accompanied by your Glasto photos that best capture the essence of your Glastonbury Festival experience and testimonial.

We ask that you share your stories, memories and any crazy / quirky / funny / magical details you can recall – Please make it as expressive as possible.

Once submitted and reviewed, it will then be published on the website and shared across our social channels.

If you would prefer using email rather than the submission form below, feel free to hit us up at: [email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of this project!