Once Upon a Time at… Glastonbury

20 Reasons Glastonbury Absence
Photo Credit: Andrew Allcock

A string of “Glastomonials” from the Glastonbury Festival community

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‘Once Upon a Time at… Glastonbury’ is a collaborative project celebrating Glastonbury Festival through the words & pictures of Glasto-goers themselves.
Back in April of last year, due to the cancellation of Glastonbury 2020 and the ongoing COVID-19 crisis – we were inspired to find Glasto-goers who would like to share their Glastonbury story with the world, and by doing so helping everyone during these challenging times, uniting the community and keeping spirits high!
Now, following the recent cancellation of also the 2021 edition of the Festival, we are once again looking for anyone who has attended Glastonbury throughout the years to send in their personal stories, photos, and memories.

The ‘Once Upon a Time at… Glastonbury’ project will hopefully become a string of stories, Glastonbury testimonials or ‘Glastomonials’, if you will – accounting for anything from “what Glastonbury means to you” to that “crazy-hazy-Glasto-4am-half-a-memory of a story” you just have to tell the grandkids, while also standing the test of time as an archive with a unique historical perspective!

Below you’ll find the full thread of Glastomonials followed by a Submission Form at the bottom of this page… ✍️

For those of you that know me, know I bang on about the fest at any given opportunity, it’s the dog’s whatsits, especially when, like this year, it stays dry.

That year, I was working in a bar situated near the main stage. So while working you can hear what’s going on; having the best sound system on the planet kinda beats any poxy radio station hands down. As a Tweeter I turned up to the second Twisto event. It’s an event initially set up by @GlastoWatch. People that tweet and go to Glasto to meet up. A few years before the pink brolly group started. Back in 2010 Twitter was relatively new, long before despot dictators (presidents) started using it. It was a nice place to be. But to meet up in real life – we all hide behind a smokescreen of bytes, do we not? On the day of the meet, I slipped out when on a break to attend, and boy am I glad that I did! Apart from being squashed in a small space near the Brothers cider bar, it was really nice to be hugged by people that had only started following me 24 hours before (some, slightly longer) with cries of ‘oh you’re thescobe,’ and then it happened…

Some say it was love at first cider, some might say it was fate, there was no rumble of thunder but this lairy bloke came over to me and put his hands on my head and said ‘You look hot you need a hat’, I didn’t catch his name, I remember mentioning I like Bon Jovi, and, dear reader, for the record, initially, I was stone-cold sober. We swapped user-names, it was hot, I thought he lived in The Oval but no, he lives in Yeovil. There was hugging, lots of hugging, but in a kind of plutonic l like you it’s great here isn’t it kind of (drunk) way.

I met his brother, I could remember his user-name, I wrote it down. The next day I sent his brother a message via Twitter and asked him to tell Mark, said lairy huggy guy; that I had bought a hat and that for some reason I couldn’t remember his Twitter name (I blame the mescal) Once Steve (his brother) had forwarded the tweet to his bro and I had his user name. BINGO! I could then ‘stalk’ him through Twitter (something that is totally legit) and know what exactly he was up to. He is a big flirt, he tweets regularly with many of the #Twisto crew and he uses Twitter interactively – Something that was a revelation to me.

On the Friday, I spent the day following him on Twitter – quick glances between work and asking him questions. He came to see me at my bar last off at about 1.30 in the morning, we chatted, and he gave me a peck on the cheek. On Saturday morning the ‘relationship’ moved up another notch he sent me his number so I could text him, claiming data issues with tweeting. At 3pm I was due for a break and asked him what he was up to, he was watching Sea Sick Steve at the Pyramid Stage 100 yards away, I asked if I could join him and I did, as soon as I met up with him he kissed me, Whooopeeee Sun shining, at Glastonbury and kissing a very nice boy! It was then Steve time, watching Seasick Steve with his brother Steve and best mate Steve! I had my back massaged, we watched, hugged, snogged. I went back to work with a huge grin on my face!

Later that day we arranged to meet up at 9.00pm to hang out, I had the night off and was going to start late the next day, so he collected me from my beer tent and we went to watch Muse. Fantastic set, nice spot, with the addition of that spine-tingling atmosphere that is Glasto on a Sat night. With or without the boy. We wandered up to the stone circle and sat on a bench, the moon was full and in one of those Glasto magic moments, was over the open jaws of the dragon installation – now moved elsewhere – the dragon was eating the moon!

The rest of the evening, I will leave up to your imagination. Next morning after we awoke and groggily got the hello how are you stuff out of the way. Mark went outside to talk to his mate and his brother about their evenings. I made a comment to the assembled crowd from inside the tent. The reply was ‘Oh Hello Voice in the tent’ ‘Hello’ I replied I was then introduced to the friend outside. Voiceinthetent was born! Addendum.

This year is our 10 year anniversary. We live together, in Somerset. Twisto has evolved into a sort of extended (some could say dis-functional) family, some of us meet regularly, we are scattered all over the globe. It has grown and evolved. I still, after going to the festival for 20 years from the land of my birth. (London) I can get to the site in about 30 minutes. The photo is us from a few years ago not 2010

Name: Kate Scobie
First Glasto: 1990
Attended: 25+- (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Woods (by John Peel)
Favourite Stage: Avalon
Favourite Performance: The Leningrad Cowboys main stage in the early 90’s (ish) It was a Sunday.
Favourite Food Stall: Lots round Williams Green
Twitter / Instagram: @voiceinthetent

I don’t really know why it took me so long to go to Glastonbury. I think a mixture of living outside the UK, having lots of places on our travel list and just being a bit foolish meant that 2019 was my first year at the festival at the ripe old age of 33. I regret not starting to visit the festival sooner but I have my ticket for 2020 (2021!) and can’t wait to come back.

Glastonbury simply brings a sense of freedom that I never realised I was missing. A freedom to do what I liked, when I liked, with who I liked, for 5 days straight. No work phone, no emails, no trying to be sensible with exercise or getting an early night. I’ll admit I had a bit of a cry when we left on the Monday, I simply didn’t realise how much the Festival suddenly meant to me even though it was my first time.

Picture attached is an easily recognisable site! Friends told me to climb the hill and don’t look back until you get to the famous Glastonbury sign. I reached the top, looked back and it was love at first site. I’m completely addicted – I don’t think I’ll ever see another stress-free October!

Name: Daniel Evans
First Glasto: 2019
Attended: 1 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Park
Favourite Performance: Lizzo (West Holts 2019)
Favourite Food Stall: Anna Mae’s
Twitter: @danielmarcevans

Flip flops & sun cream – check. Cagoule & canoe – check.

I’m very fortunate to have been a few times now, most of them with Mrs C and a great gang of friends. I’ve therefore experienced every type of weather (& trench foot), and had some amazing times.

Given the 90+ performance areas there’s always something for everyone, and it’s so much more than just the music too. Bizarrely I’m often happy when the line-up reveals Pyramid headliners I’m not overly interested in, as that means I know I won’t be stuck in a monster crowd in the evenings – I much prefer the smaller stages – however seeing The Stones, The Who, Springsteen, & Blur there was a treat.

The best place for me is the whole Park area though – I could actually spend all weekend there and be happy. The stage is ideal, and it’s the main meeting point (for beers) with the friends I’m with too. And recharging your legs up on the hill in the sunshine, with the view you get, is just amazing.

It’s hard to really pinpoint Glastonbury highlights though, as the whole weekend IS the highlight. Each Glastonbury has been slightly different, but there’s never a bad one… there are only differing degrees of brilliant ones.

Name: Jim Craigen
First Glasto: 2002
Attended: 9 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Park & hill, It’s like its own festival within a festival
Favourite Stage: The Park Stage
Favourite Performance: Oohhh… can’t name one, but the shortlist incl: Pet Shop Boys (2010), Crystal Fighters & John Grant (2014),
Gaz Coombes (2015), Richard Hawley (2016), Idles, and The Good, the Bad, & the Queen (2019)

Favourite Food Stall: Le Grande Bouffe and their tartiflette
Twitter: @BigJimCambo

Glastonbury is my spiritual home. There is no place quite like it on earth for me. There is something magical about the experience – like a huge envelope of love that covers the site the minute you enter until the minute you leave. Like many, it was on my bucket list to go and my first time, back in 2008, was like a spiritual earthquake for me – an amazing experience of friendship, love and laughter. We have always been fortunate enough to go with quite a big crew each year – up to 20 of us and we really look forward to it all year round. Stunning. Thank you Michael, Emily and the GLASTO team for creating heaven on Earth !!

Name: Les Redwood
First Glasto:

Attended: 10 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Stone Circle

Favourite Stage: Pyramid
Favourite Performance: Coldplay (2016)
Favourite Food Stall: Oggie Pasties
Instagram: leslieredwood

It’s really difficult to describe what the festival means to my life .. so I thought I’d write a short piece that shows how I felt when I missed out on the golden tickets for 2020 … I was fairly confident and all was set up … many helpers and ready to go … however, when that sold out screen came up I was waiting and waiting for someone to say they had got through … half an hour later the hammer hit me … no tickets, I was devastated and a mess for the next few days with every man and his dog asking me if I had tickets. Ok so it was time to fight back, time to be proactive about getting to the festival, so it was then I started mulling over ideas to somehow get to the farm … first a letter to the farm .. no joy .. then a twitter campaign and alike from Emily E there’s hope :). But nothing …. a couple of trips to the farm hoping on the off chance to bump into Michael or Emily … and off course enjoying the beauty of worthy farm out of season … in the meantime, I’d entered all the competitions possible … purchased the amazing Glastonbury 50 book and drunk a ridiculous amount of mallets cider … sent Michael and Emily a Christmas card … and had no luck when applying for Oxfam stewarding …. in the meantime I’m helping others fulfil their dreams too helping with a resale group … and then the hammer blow of coronavirus … I’m sad… less so for me personally but for all those ticket holders that are going to miss the beautiful times friends, happiness, random moments sunshine and cider … I could talk about the festival all day every day .. and some would probably say I do … hope to see you all on the farm in 2021… oh and if you see anyone in a pyramid hat … a high five would be great.

Name: Alex Mcguire
First Glasto:

Attended: 13 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Spike Bar

Favourite Stage: Can’t beat the pyramid for awesomeness
Favourite Performance: October Drift (John Peel Tent)
Favourite Food Stall: Anything that sells smoothies
Twitter: @crazyfool1


Quite simply the greatest place on Earth. Been lucky to have experienced the happiest days and nights of my life on Worthy Farm and its means a lot to me. First one back in 2009 was overwhelming tbh. Didn’t think I made the most of all the mad things that go on, especially after hours. Still Springsteen, the Prodigy and Kasabian were personal highlights. I have been every year it’s been on since 2014. So many great acts, secret performances, DJ sets, memories with friends. It’s what I look forward too most each year. The nighttime at Glasto has to be seen to be believed. Each area has its own mad vibe, some of its even terrifying tbh. Block 9 with the NYC Downlow is worth the queue. It’s the best way to keep the party going after the headliners. The Wednesday night meet with your whole gang on the hill at the Park. All the festival ahead of you, the excitement is incredible, I’m honestly never as happy as I am at that time each year!

Fave year has to be 2017. A great crowd of my friends made it, my fave band the Killers played a secret set and the sun shone all weekend. My happy place, long live Glastonbury!

Name: Michael Padden
First Glasto:

Attended: 6 (as of 2020)
Favourite area: Block 9/The Park

Favourite stage: The Glade
Favourite performance: Can’t pick just one – The Killers ’17 Foals ’19 Springsteen ’09
Favourite food stall: Naught Wrap Gaff by The Glade
Twitter: @mpad1878

1994 was my first festival and I decided to take some throw away cameras. I had never been before so we took every piece of camping equipment known to man. That was a waste of money as we only used the tent and sleeping bags. Anyway it was amazing and I was hooked and I have been to everyone since, either buying a ticket or working for a charity. Well when I got back I went to find my cameras and I couldn’t find one. I was gutted so I sent a letter to Worthy farm asking if they found my camera could they send it back to me. ( how naive ). Surprisingly it never arrived.

Fast forward to 2011. It was a wet one and going to the stone circle for a chill we approached the entrance and decided to find somewhere to sit down. We found a place and as I sat down I felt something not quite soft for mud and not stone shaped either, under investigation of my boot, I found a digital camera. It took me back to 94 and my disappointment. I spoke to a steward who said. Message Worthy farm when we got back to see if anybody was missing the camera. As I could see the photos we could match it up. Did that. Disappointingly no joy.

9 years later I’m in lockdown and my office needs tidying up. I find the camera again and with social media thought I would try and find its owner again. Not so easy as I cant find a lead to charge it, to see the photos again. No problem I will download the photos from the SD card inside the camera on to the computer, and then the bloody card reader doesn’t work for some reason. I would have to risk my life and go next door and see if my neighbour could transfer them. Hey presto 497 images on a cd rom. I put a couple of photos, one of their wedding day and one from Glasto 2010 and if by magic the owner (Andrew) was found and lived in Cheshire. He informed me he thought he had lost the camera at Shangri-La and had gone back to look at 3am to look for it but with no luck.

Fast forward to 13th May 2020 and the camera is on its way back up north to be reunited with Andrew. Now, if anybody found a disposable camera in 1994 and got them developed. I would love to see what Johnny Cash looked like 100 yards away with no zoom.

Name: Dave Fearn
First Glasto:

Attended: Everyone since then (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Park

Favourite Stage: Acoustic
Favourite Performance: Too many, every year has a Glasto moment, Faithless, Al Green, The Family Stone, Dodgy, Radiohead, Gary Clark Jnr.
Favourite Food Stall: The bakery near the Acoustic Stage

My favourite moment and it gives me goosebumps thinking about it. It was Glasto 2017, we had just set-up camp, it was a heatwave and it felt like we had just ran a marathon by the time we made it to the Brother’s Bar. We took a walk to the hill, one of my favourite moments when at Glasto. It was the summer solstice and it was magical overlooking the whole festival. It was then when my partner went down on one leg and proposed to me, the whole hill cheered and it blew my head off with happiness! I said yes, of course, luckily a lady next to us had been filming the hill and caught the whole thing. 2 years later we returned for our honeymoon. There’s no words to explain my love for Glastonbury, it’s my ultimate happy place.

Name: Suzie Clarke
First Glasto:

Attended: 4 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Healing fields

Favourite Stage: West Holts
Favourite Performance: Arcade Fire
Favourite Food Stall: Tibetan Kitchen
Instagram: suzieclarke90

I am 10 (in Glastonbury years). The 50th Anniversary will be my 11th. When I first went, I was lucky enough to have an experienced guide, so I married her. Since then I’ve had wet years and dry years, but they’ve always been amazing.

In 2014 we lost my wife’s best friend and Glastonbury fan to breast cancer, her ashes are buried by the pyramid stage. The following year we got to see her brother play the backstage PRS stage (John Peel area). I got to know Jim Fox who runs the JP and took the attached picture of Donovan and Dulcima from Coco And The Butterfields. In 2017, Jim was kind enough to give us stage passes so we could watch Goldfrapp from the wings/pit! Last year another friend got me into the West Holts crew bar to photograph Soup from Jurassic 5 playing with Fullee Love collective which was an amazing experience.

Donovan and Dulcima from Coco And The Butterfields

Last summer we took a walk to the farm. While there we noticed a cow stuck under part of the pyramid stage structure. We had to try and help, so phoned the farm. Michael Eavis himself picked up. The next day was ticket day, luckily we got our places. I then had a call back from Michael offering to help us out. So… I turned the #Cowma around and asked if he could extend it to our friend (the brother of the one who died), he agreed.

‘The cow that could’

All in all, we’ve had so many wonderful experiences and memories from the festival and been lucky enough to get into a few special places. We’ll always try and go back if we can because it feels like home. It’s our family.

Name: Mike Gibson
First Glasto:

Attended: 10 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Park

Favourite Stage: The Park Stage
Favourite Performance: Muse (2010)
Favourite Food Stall: Ghandi’s Flip Flop
Twitter: @miketheyokel


Jurassic 5’s Soup and myself

Absolute superfan, I have been a regular at the Glastonbury Festival – now the UK’s largest outdoor performing arts event – since the early 1990s. Starting out in the press pits, taking pictures of bands, I became increasingly interested in the more spontaneous side of the festival, beyond all the hype. Documenting the day-to-day life of a makeshift city with its unique sociological footprint, I hope my images show us a world in which intense experiences are played out against a backdrop dominated by canvas, big skies and, periodically, expanses of trademark Glastonbury mud. This magnificent post apocatastasistic, VR meltdown early settlement environment.

Name: Liam Bailey
First Glasto:

Attended: 24 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Lost Horizons

Favourite Stage: West Holts
Favourite Performance: The egg
Favourite Food Stall: The Chai Shop
Twitter: @glasto_images
Instagram: glasto.images

At my first Glastonbury in 2016 (I was late to the party) I met a lovely Irishman in the middle of all the mud and rain (and a lot of glitter) and had a wild time. I started dating that Irishman about a month later and when I became incredibly ill with sepsis in May 2017 that same lovely man nursed me back to health knowing the shining light at the end of a shitty tunnel was the prospect of the Foo Fighters headlining the pyramid stage. I was still pretty weak but I made it there and my god what a show they put on!

Fallow year came and went and in Glastonbury 2019 that Irishman Proposed in front of the Glastonbury sign! We had planned to return to Glastonbury this year to have a little blessing of our wedding which was due to take place on 13 June 2020. The wedding is now hopefully going ahead 31 August 2020 and we still hope to get have our little Glastonbury blessing someday soon with our Glasto family!

One of the loveliest things about the proposal was afterwards some complete strangers came over to us and told us they’d noticed what was going on and had taken some photos for as they thought we might like them. It was so thoughtful and such a sweet representation of the Glastonbury spirit!

Name: Lucy Wraith
First Glasto:

Attended: 3 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Arcadia

Favourite Stage: Pyramid
Favourite Performance: Foo Fighters
Favourite Food stall: Annie Mae’s mac n cheese – It’s the absolute best…
Twitter / Instagram: @LittleLoudLucy

My kids Robyn and Mitch had both been to the festival before, and they managed to get me a ticket for 2014. I was a bit apprehensive as I thought I’d be the 54-year-old odd man out.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. What an experience I had, my kids left me to my own devices and I had an absolutely mind-blowing time, from waking up at the stone circle surrounded by a load of women and blokes dressed like characters from Aladdin dancing around me, to being in the thick of it all at the front of the stage in the John Peel, bouncing along to Slaves.

I’ve managed another two since and I’ll definitely be back for more. An absolutely unforgettable experience and collection of memories with my kids.

Name: Ray Terry
First Glasto:

Attended: 3
Favourite Area: All of it…

Favourite Stage: John Peel
Favourite Performance: Drenge / Slaves
Favourite Food Stall: Too many to remember…

This is the story of how Glastonbury saved my life… and not in a metaphorical, spiritual sense after accepting something suspect from a stranger at the stone circle at 5am, no this is in an actual literal sense.

I first experienced the magicalness of Glasto in 2009 at the tender age of 17. Like many before, and many since Glastonbury took a hold of me from the second my feet first hit that grass after stepping out of the car. Before I’d even walked through the gates the buzz and excitement of everyone queueing and the glow of the festival lights shining through the evening mist let me know I was in for something pretty special and life would never quite be the same after this weekend. After a few cans (and absolutely no sleep) the murmurs we were waiting for; the gates were opening! I was greeted by a beaming smiling face and a warm “Welcome to Glastonbury!” from the girl who attached my first ever wrist band. Needless to say, I had the time of my life and afterwards vowed never to remove the wrist band that was a constant reminder of the best place on earth.

Cut to 2012, despite mocking (and disgust, from some) I was still wearing my 2009 wristband along with a 2010 and 2011 band. It was a fallow year and so my holiday to Spain had been the highlight of that year. The last day of the holiday, a few hours before leaving for the airport, I decided to have one last drink around the pool. I’d washed my feet with a hosepipe before going into the apartment to fetch my drink and a bowl of crisps. Forgetting about the wet patio I strolled back out, slipped on the water and went crashing into a glass table shattering it into a thousand pieces. A shard of glass cut right through my (now threadbare) 2009 wristband and the blood spurting from my wrist had soaked the remaining two. I was absolutely devastated (albeit slightly delirious) when the doctor had to cut off the 2010 and ’11 bands to stitch up the wound but he explained to me that had they not been there the glass that cut off the first band would have continued 1cm further and severed my artery!

So to all those who judge the wristband hoarders, just remember, it could save your life one day!

Name: Nathan Carroll
First Glasto:

Attended: 9 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Park

Favourite Stage: West Holts
Favourite Performance: Stevie Wonder
Favourite Food Stall: Chapati Man
Twitter / Instagram: @artfulcarroll

I absolutely adore Glastonbury. It’s such an amazing experience from beginning to end. No other festival compares. I love everything about it, I have been lucky to have beautiful weather each time I have been! The atmosphere is like no other and everyone is happy and on a high! I can’t wait to use one of the compost loos again soon! One thing I love about the place is there are so many secret places and exciting things to stumble across without even trying! Too many amazing memories to write about them…

Name: Donna Baldwin
First Glasto:

Attended: 3 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Unfairground / Block9

Favourite Stage: Other Stage
Favourite Performance: Mumford and Sons / Foo Fighters
Favourite Food Stall: Paellaria
Instagram: donnamayx

I came late in life to Glastonbury, being 48 when I first attended in 2000. It had been on my bucket list for a long time and I needed to cross it off and get on with more exciting ambitions, or so I thought. So I phoned Shepton Mallet Tourist Information and they duly reserved me a ticket, which I picked up cycling over from Bath (so easy in those days!) But of course, as soon as I arrived at Worthy Farm I was bowled over by the unique atmosphere and a palpable sense of joy and positivity. I’ve been back every year since.

Being an old man I’ve got to see the greats over the years: Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Neil Young, Ray Davies, Leonard Cohen, etc. – all old men themselves of course. Bimbling randomly round the site I’ve delighted in the hippie hangouts of Green Futures, the Permaculture Garden and Greenpeace area. My favourite breakfast venue was Sue & Mark’s Sauna in a corner of the Green Fields where colourful characters would gather and tell tales of festivals past.

In later years I discovered the wonderful Lost Horizon Sauna & Solar Stage up in the Tipi Field which still has some of the original magic of the festival from the 1980s. When my father died in 2016 I was able to invest some of my inheritance in Lost Horizon, which is perennially short of funds. In return they very kindly allowed me to join the crew and last year I spent 11 glorious days basking in the sun (remembering to don shorts and hat when cycling round the site!) So now an enforced fallow year, which is bearable (just) – but I’ll be back in 2021 for sure. It’ll be a cracker!

(Picture is of the Lost Horizon campfire with a jolly singalong in full flow)

Name: Mark Doran
First Glasto:

Attended: 16 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Lost Horizon Sauna & Solar Stage

Favourite Stage: Crooners’ Corner (inexplicably!)
Favourite Performance: Leonard Cohen (2008)
Favourite Food Stall: Tiny Tea Tent

Glastonbury 2010, about 2am me & my festival partner in crime Steffy once snuck in the back of closed up marquee in what was the then Shangri La naughty corner. We discovered a rail of silk pyjamas, so we got changed and crept through the curtains where we found lots of beautiful people lazing around on two huge beds, chilled music was playing from the DJ, it was all very lovely and inviting.

We quietly joined a bed but soon our mischievous spirits got the better of us and we started to tickle people, pull their socks off and pull them off the beds. No one could resist our game and soon people and pillows were flying about in all directions and the quiet room had descended into bedlam. The gorgeous hostess had no choice, she graciously succumbed to our fun and we separated the room into two teams. A full-on pillow fight ensued to the soundtrack of Benny Hill, it was utter glorious chaos.

After a while as things calmed down again we decided our work was done, we snuck quietly out the back, returning our silk pyjamas and slipped away into the rising dawn. It’s like a fabulous dream now… but I’m pretty sure it actually happened!!!

Name: Sal Mullan
First Glasto:

Attended: 12 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Healing Field

Favourite Stage: West Holts, or any stage in Green Futures
Favourite Performance: Empire of the Sun, Park Stage 2010 (for the sheer drama!)
Favourite Food Stall: Thali Cafe, in the Green Fields

One thing we hadn’t achieved on our “50 things to do before you are 50” bucket list was a family trip to Glastonbury. The tickets were harder to get than Willy Wonka’s golden tickets-however once we luckily got our 3 tickets, we felt like we’d won the lottery! Our 14-year-old daughter also thought we were the coolest parents on the planet too!

We are now all addicted to the buzz, chilled vibe, the happiness, the music, the scrummy food, the unbelievable feeling that you can’t describe… everyone needs to go once in their lifetime! It is the most magical place on the planet!

We did cheat as we were ‘glamping’ as we thought we were too old to sleep in a tent & hired a camper van & for us, it was a real treat however just being part of the Squad Glasto is the best part- no matter where you stay. The loos aren’t that bad either!

We are lucky to be going back in 2021 & this time we will be much more chilled & less planned about who we see, as we realised that the bands we’d never heard of, where incredible & it’s not just about the headliners. Everyone who has been says that… and it’s so true. Healing fields, fireworks, cheap & delicious food, crafts, Great ships, family areas… literally something for absolutely everyone, at any age.

The memories of Glasto 2019 – the summer of sunshine, will last a lifetime for Team Hughes. Until 2021… see you then x

Name: David, Jacqui & Grace Hughes
First Glasto:

Attended: 1 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Williams Green

Favourite Stage: The Park
Favourite Performance: Rex Orange County
Favourite Food Stall: Every burger & Crepe stall

Instagram: jacquihughes5

As a trader for 30 years I don’t get to see much (12 hour shifts on the stand take their toll and sometimes I can just about manage to stand by bandstand stage by our stand.) There are so many stories to tell… but my favourite was back in the days before mobile phones… (who knew there was such a time?) I was queuing to make a phone call at a public phone which were arranged in clusters of 6 or 8 in a circle around an enclosed shed. Someone had given me ‘something’ to smoke. When I finally got to the front of the queue the wooden board the phone was mounted on moved back, a hand came out and the whole board was turned upside down and shook so that the money could be collected. Then the phone was put back! I swear this happened but somehow none of my friends believed me!!!

From finding a ‘village disco’ in the theatre field at 2 in the morning to the spine-tingling buzz of a main stage, from the endless years watching John Ottway in the cabaret tent covered in mud to the idyllic surreal time on the Monday before when the only people on site are traders and workers. Helicopters lifting someone out of the crowd in front of The Cure, watching people drop over the fence in the stone circle, the smells, the crazy people, the sights and sounds… Glastonbury grabs your heart and stays there! In 30 years I have never had an unhappy one!

Name: Alce Harfield
First Glasto:

Attended: About 31! (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Theatre & Cabaret

Favourite Stage: Pyramid
Favourite Performance: Blur
Favourite Food Stall: Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Twitter / Instagram: @alceharfield

I was 18 when I decided to go to Glastonbury for the first time. A friend had offered me a tent-share – The only problems hindering my plan were that it was the Friday afternoon of Glasto weekend, I didn’t have a ticket, and I was in London.

Undeterred, I made my way to the M4 in Chiswick and 30 seconds after sticking my thumb out I was in a stranger’s car heading to Bristol. I was dropped off outside Bristol, picked up again almost immediately and soon after arrived near the site. This was all going rather smoothly.

Once out of the car, a suspicious-looking scouser in a high-vis jacket pointed the way along the fence and soon I came across two other people. One was sitting by a hole dug invitingly under the fence, the other was sitting on top of the fence. I paid them a fiver and they pushed me under and passed my bag over the top. It was almost midnight and was in!

The first thing I saw was a woman doing a poo in a tree. Then I went and bought an ice cream from an ice cream van with a soundsystem attached. Then I went for a wander.

I only had a sleeping bag with me, so I slept by the embers of a fire in someone’s tent circle. I awoke at dawn and rang my friends. The next two days were an absolute blur. I randomly bumped into one of my brothers, and I ended the weekend watching David Bowie put on what is still one of my all-time favourite Glasto sets. It really was a magical weekend.

My next Glasto was in 2002. I hitched to that one with a friend. We had to pop over the county border on route from Bath to help our lift-giver dump a caravan in lay-by. I bumped into a different brother that weekend.

Apologies for bunking under the fence. Every time I’ve been back I’ve either bought a ticket or have been working on wristband exchange : )

Name: Toby James
First Glasto:
6 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area:
Stone Circle
Favourite Stage:
That stall down in the marketplace which plays militant roots reggae at 3am : )
Favourite Performance:
Bowie 2000, Blur 2009 and Pulp 2013
Favourite Food Stall:
Tiny Tea Tent

My love affair with Glastonbury started in 2010 and I’ve been obsessed ever since! At my last festival in 2015 (not for lack of trying to get tickets), I went to see Jessie Ware on my own at the John Peel stage.

Whilst there, I got chatting to the person stood next to me. After telling him how much I loved Jessie Ware and the song she was singing, he replied: “I wrote it”. It turned out he was Two Inch Punch, the producer who had worked on her first album with her.

Meeting someone who had helped write some of my favourite songs, whilst watching her perform felt like a bit of a Glastonbury magic.

Name: Kate Houghton
First Glasto:

Attended: 5 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Block 9 / The Park

Favourite Stage: Pyramid / John Peel
Favourite Performance: Too many! Stevie Wonder (2010), Coldplay (2011) – there’s some about that many people knowing every word. Florence (2015) – insane replacement headline set.
Favourite Food Stall: Jamaican Jerk! There’s an amazing chips stall somewhere too

Twitter / Instagram: @k8h22

My first Glastonbury was 1994 as a 27-year-old with a group of mates. Blessed with the weather, incredible lineup, phenomenal vibes, paradise. Only missed a handful ever since, my spiritual home. Tried most of the others but no comparison. Struggled for tickets lately and my health isn’t great so not sure if I’ll make any more.

Highlights include Dodgy and Pulp in 95, Coldplay, Killers, Stevie Wonder, Maximo Park, Elbow, London Grammar and Flaming Lips. Really hope I get to feel the hallowed ground under my feet one more time.

The photo below was taken at dawn on the Monday of 2010

Name: Ian Bradley
First Glasto:

Attended: 15 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Everywhere

Favourite Stage: Pyramid
Favourite Performance: Flaming Lips (2010 Other Stage)
Twitter / Instgram: @ijbrads66

I was lucky enough to be born in Pilton and so grew up in the small village and have been to every festival since 1979. My parents were at the first one where T. Rex played on the back of a hay wagon.

The late ’80s / early ’90s were the memorable years for me, especially 1990 when I remember The Cure having to stop to allow a rescue helicopter to land in the middle of the crowd to pick up someone who had a heart attack. I also took my own kids from when they were babies and spent many a happy time in the Kids Field watching Bodger and Badger.

To me, Glastonbury is my happy place sharing good times, love, laughter and making memories with my family and friends. I also have to mention my favourite drinking spot… The Cider Bus : )

Name: Kerry Mercer
First Glasto:

Attended: 33 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Avalon

Favourite Stage: Pyramid
Favourite Performance: The Killers
Favourite Food Stall: Jamaican Jerk chicken stall


Okay so picture the scene… a quiet village pub in rural Northamptonshire (Winter 2014), a relatively newly made friend from said village asks ‘would you be interested in helping out on our gate as a Steward at Glastonbury…?’ …Yeah, that’ll be fun… (it’s never gonna happen) – Imagine my surprise once past the mandatory safety training and registration as a Steward I find myself at Glastonbury Travelodge, on the Monday before the festival, looking up at the Tor and wondering what I’ve got myself into.

Tuesday AM on-site, tent up, wristbands etc sorted, time for a wander… Never seen anything like it, can’t get my head around the size and feel of the place… up at the Glastonbury sign (looking at my friend’s face who’d seen it all before but sees THAT LOOK on my face), man what a sight.

The rest of the week proceeds in a magical blur, with my head literally on swivel mode throughout. Loads of small intimate performances, huge emotional performances (The Who …never thought I’d get to see them), Landsend Bar and the inevitable ‘is that….?’ (yes indeed it is) but overall the vibe, feel and general attitude of the festival and the lovely people you meet.

Unfortunately for most of my friends and family I became a classic ‘let me tell you about what happened at Glastonbury..’ BUT it’s impossible to tell anyone what it’s like you’ve just got to experience it for yourself. It changed my life for the better and long may I be able to attend and support the festival in my own small way

Name: Scott Parker
First Glasto:

Attended: 4 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Park

Favourite Stage: West Holts
Favourite Performance: Jungle (2015 & 2019)
Favourite Food Stall: Every Burrito stall plus the cracking burger stall in Park that I can’t remember the name of

Twitter: @ScottieP46

Pilton/Bath/Glastonbury Festival 1970 My friend and I decided to attend Pilton Festival (which later became Glastonbury Festival) near Bath. I think we’d seen it advertised in NME (New Musical Express) or maybe our local record shop.

We had just turned 17 & were doing a secretarial course in Barry, South Wales. This is what I looked like then. We each told our parents that we would be staying at each other’s houses and they had no idea that we were off to the Festival! My friend chickened out at the very last minute and as I had saved hard to pay for my ticket and was looking forward to meeting up with my friends from Kent, I set off on my own to hitchhike there. Bearing in mind that I still have a problem with Geography at the age of 67 and I definitely had no idea of road systems, it surprises me that I ever got there! I literally just knew that it was near Bath. When I see how far away from Bath it is I am even more surprised.

I set off to hitchhike there with a bag containing my sandwiches and a Tupperware lidded mug of water, no sleeping bag, no spare clothes and no coat. Food was always a priority for me. I somehow eventually got there. The first car I got a lift in had a minor accident on the way but there were no problems. The second lift I got near the M4/M5 was from a delightful couple who were going to the Festival too.

When I arrived I was starving so I sat down and enjoyed a sandwich. I was approached by several people offering cigarettes and “forbidden substances” in exchange for my sandwiches. Not flipping likely! There were no food or drink stalls that I recall (but I had no cash anyway) and I don’t remember the free milk or any loo arrangements either. There seemed to me to be lots of people: I estimate a few hundred but I found my friends by just wandering around, no mobiles then and we hadn’t made any definite meet up plans.

I was a big fan of the Kinks and was disappointed that they weren’t there in the end but it really didn’t matter, the experience, people and music were absolutely amazing. I’d never seen or heard anything like it. People were dressed in all sorts of “weird” clothes and were dancing madly. I was a very naïve teenager, having left an all-girls boarding school the year before and having lived a very sheltered life on RAF stations all my life. It was fabulous: lots of hippies, brilliant music and atmosphere.

We danced all night. I shared a friend’s sleeping bag and found shelter when it rained lightly. We all had a fantastic time. I must have worn the same clothes for the entire weekend but I expect we all smelled the same by the end of the Festival. I hitchhiked home to be greeted by very annoyed parents as the police had visited asking for a statement about the car accident. I had stupidly given my real name and address…

Name: Marilyn Longden
First Glasto:

Attended: 1 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: All of it

Favourite Stage: Main
Favourite Performance: T. Rex

I’d been on the stand-up comedy circuit for a couple of years and was playing a disastrously attended night in Camden back in the winter of 2004. As the 7 audience members shuffled out of the pub the compere, Paddy Bramwells, checked his phone and mentioned to me and the other remaining act that his friend Arabella Churchill was looking for comperes at Glastonbury. “Wanna do it?” We both said yes.

I was assigned to the Dance and Fire stage. There was not a lot of dancing or fire, as the roofless stage was sodden with water for most of the weekend. Chaos reigned as acts got stuck on the motorway and I had to fill on stage for up to an hour, watching the crowd dwindle to 2 people who confessed to being so wrecked they couldn’t actually have moved if they’d wanted to. I was hooked (I saw the other act I’d been booked with a couple of days in, shell shocked outside his rain-soaked tent, vowing never to return).

The following year I ended up having to do a 14-hour compering shift after one of the other comperes went AWOL. I invented the ‘Glastonbury Animal Game’, a nonsensical bit of time-wasting that involved getting the audience to shout out the names of various animals. At one point late in the night, while world-class acts flaunted their stuff on the Pyramid and other stages, I had an entire field full of festival-goers enthusiastically shouting the word “badger” over and over again. I had never been happier.

These were my people. I’ve been back every year I possibly can. The stage morphed into what is now the Summerhouse Stage and seeing the familiar faces of Jess, Hamish, Haggis and so many others who keep that corner of the festival running is like catching up with family. I’ve been told I have a job for life, and I truly hope I do, because it’s the best job ever.

I always pay my pilgrimage to Paddy, still compering the Outside Circus Stage like he has been since the 80s, to say thank you. He’s been working at Glastonbury for over 30 years now and I hope to match him at the very least. In Paddy’ words, it is “The Most Fun Weekend”.

Name: Ed Petrie
First Glasto:

Attended: 10 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Theatre & Circus

Favourite Stage: The Summer House Stage – “Originally called the Dance and Fire Stage, then the Saddleback Stage, then the Blazing Saddles Stage and finally the Summer House Stage. Confusing!”
Favourite Performance: The Chemical Brothers
Favourite Food Stall: Backstage canteen at the Theatre and Circus Fields

Twitter: @edpetrie

Personally, Glastonbury gets me more excited than Christmas does. It’s something I look forward to all year round. Surrounded by a community of such amazing people, I can forget all the negative things that are happening in the world as the festival lives its own reality; It’s the place I feel most at home.

I’ve attended the festival every year of my life (apart from the fallow years). I’ve been fortunate enough to be brought up in that environment, as my parents work the festival every year as part of the West Holts Crew (aka. the best crew on-site 😎).

The most beautiful experience I’ve witnessed was walking up to the Stone Circle on one of the first nights on the festival site in 2019, and the sun was starting to set. I’ve never witnessed a sunset like it, the sort of displays you’d think you’d see in a different country. The colours were actually breathtaking. I was sat up against one of the stones, watching it set with my friends. Some people were drumming, singing, doing circle skills… the atmosphere was magical, an extraordinary shared experience that I will cherish forever.

I miss Glasto so much! What I’d do to have my wellies covered in mud, sitting on a long drop, in the rain…

Name: Freya Blacker
First Glasto:

Attended: 16+- (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Stone Circle

Favourite Stage: West Holts
Favourite Performance: Chic (2013)

IT ALL STARTED WHEN IN 1990… There was nobody to give my ticket to. There I was with a group of friends. We had stepped off the bus that had taken us from Bristol to the festival site. It was that short trip, well short in comparison from the epic overnight journey from Aberdeen, where I first felt something special was going to happen. Sleep deprived and onto a second can of lager it was the countryside that provoked awe. High ancient hedgerows zoomed by as we travelled through villages that were the distillation of some sacred form of Englishness that I had never encountered before. Old pubs with long sloping roofs rested next to village greens alongside Norman churches actually flying Cross of St George flags.

There was an occasional glimpse over the Summerland Meadows of what I got to know as Glastonbury Tor. A singular hill with its spiral terraces surmounted by the medieval St Michael’s Tower in an otherwise flat landscape with its equally interesting myths and realities.

Then we arrived at the site. It seemed sudden and I can’t recall seeing any of the festival fields as we approached. We just turned a corner through a gap in the venerable hedgerows and there we were. A young woman popped up to the upper deck where we sat edged between tents and rucksacks and slabs of beer. She wore a Brighton and Hove Peace Group t-shirt and politely asked us if we had tickets. I rooted mine out from a bum-bag that I thought would be a useful bit of kit to have and waved my ticket. “Super”, she said before disappearing.

We disembarked and I had my ticket in my hand. I thought I must hand it over to someone. But there was no one. I felt guilty. I was doing something wrong. The young woman from the peace group was attending to another bus. The gate was wide open. There were some men in high-viz vests who could have been security. But they were safeguarding a bottle of cider.

I just walked in, ticket in hand. My mates Fraser and Steve did the same, alongside Fleur and her friends. We carried our camping gear and kit between us, and we made our way along a track. In our minds there was going to be the sort of campsites that we had holidayed on as kids. Marked spaces with pathways leading to some dismal but perfectly functional shower and toilet block. Of course, there wasn’t.

There were just tents. Tents after tents after tents. Like everyone else’s first time it was an impossibility to fully comprehend what lay before you. I had some rough sketch in my mind in addition to the toilet block of a couple of fields with a flat bed truck somewhere with precarious speaker stacks on either side. Okay, that field did exist, tucked away on the margins, but beyond the tents and more tents, there were fields upon fields. We pitched our tents in a rough circle and set off to explore.

It felt like an endless trek, across some new land already populated by an advanced civilization that created wonders out of whatever they could find to do whatever they wanted. I can’t recall the exact place of my epiphanic moment, when I realized that this place, this valley in the southern reaches of Britain was what I wanted to be life like all the time*. What felt to me like total liberty fueled by constant sensory overload and the perpetual shock of the new. It’s a feeling that never really leaves you.

* …but with better toilets.

Name: Chris Yuill
First Glasto:

Attended: 12 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Healing Fields

Favourite Stage: The Other Stage
Favourite Performance: The Orb
Favourite Food Stall: El Fred’s Mexican Cantina

Twitter: @stontian

Wednesday afternoon, tent set up, BBQ eaten, you’ve climbed up to the Glastonbury sign in the park with some amazing mates and some (still) cold drinks and you just look out.

Name: Alice Stevens
First Glasto:

Attended: 11 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Park

Favourite Stage: Pyramid Stage – “It’s just iconic”
Favourite Performance: Amy Winehouse 2007/ Blue 2009/ Beyoncé 2011
Favourite Food Stall: Yorkshire Pud!

Twitter: @AliceBowring

I first came to Glastonbury in 2008 and have been every year since. I fell in love with the festival and the area, It felt like “coming home” every year. I ended up moving to Glastonbury 4 years ago. I love the town, it’s people and of course the best festival in the world.

Name: Michelle Cowbourne
First Glasto:

Attended: 10 (as of 2020)
Favourite area: Theatre & Circus

Favourite stage: Avalon
Favourite performance: Pet Shop Boys
Favourite food stall: Goan Fish curry

Twitter / Instagram: @Glastomichelle

I was thrilled to be invited to give a talk on climate change at the Speakers Forum in the Green Fields in 2017. I’m a climate scientist and I think it’s really important to talk about the fact that concern over this global problem has a real, solid basis in science, and I’m always looking for opportunities to share this with audiences that are different to the ones I’d normally reach. Also, of course, being a huge music fan and a regular at other festivals, I jumped at the chance to go to Glastonbury!

I ended up doing three events at the Speakers Forum, joining other speakers and also a panel discussion with the heads of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. We had some great chats with the audiences, it was fantastic to talk with everyone, both those who came specifically to see the talks and also those who were drawn in when just passing through the Green Fields as a short-cut between the Park and Avalon!

Discovering Glastonbury for the first time was also an amazing, life-changing experience. The Speakers Forum team let me camp with them and made me feel really welcome, it was so lovely and we had some great conversations over breakfast and around the campfire in the evening. It was also a fabulous central location to reach all the festival areas, and being right next to the old railway line meant that sleep wasn’t really a viable option so I made the most of the opportunity to explore the night-time excitement! Thank you Speakers Forum team for the invitation and being such wonderful hosts! : )

I was lucky enough to be invited back to the Green Fields in 2019, this time as part of the environmental science roadshow “Sex and Bugs and Rock and Roll” run by the University of Lancaster. Again this was a fab opportunity to talk to people about science and environmental issues, and the team had some really good techniques for ambushing passers-by and getting them involved in conversations (games involving alcohol, chocolate and animal poo are great talking points!) And again I made the most of the opportunity to really get into the wider festival and explore some of the places I didn’t discover in 2017. So, thank you to the Sex & Bugs team for having me. : )

I’ve loved so many performances in both years that it’s hard to pick a top one. At the Pyramid, Foo Fighters were stunning in 2017, as were The Cure in 2019. Fat White Family were awesome on the Park Stage in 2019, but I think my highlights were the Lottery Winners at the Rabbit Hole and IDLES on the Truth Stage, who were both playing Glastonbury for the first time that year. I’d seen Lottery Winners before as a support band and remembered they were fantastic, and they didn’t disappoint. Technically this wasn’t IDLES actual first Glasto show as had they played The Park earlier, but I couldn’t make it because I was working – but the late-night moshpit in the heaving, hot darkness was awesome. I also love those many, many acts you randomly come across such as in the Avalon Cafe or the small stages in Shangri La – and up at Strummerville when walking up to see the breathtaking view. Another favourite memory from 2019 will be leaning on the fence at the end of Glastonbury-On-Sea, enjoying the evening scene and chatting with a guy who happened to be next to me with a hilarious story of retrieving his phone from a portaloo…

Talking of loos, the other thing that stays with me from 2017 is having my name on the lineup poster for the Speakers Forum. So exciting to be up there with some famous names including Mr Eavis himself! But the bizarre thing was that the posters had been stuck up on every flat surface around the site, which in most cases was the wall of the Long Drops! So every time I went to the loo I saw my name there – slightly odd claim to fame, but I’ll take it!!

Name: Richard Betts
First Glasto:

Attended: 2
Favourite Area: Green Fields

Favourite Stage: The Park Stage
Favourite Performance: Lottery Winners (2019)
Favourite Food Stall: Can’t remember its name but there was an awesome veggie stall at West Holts in 2019

Twitter / Instagram: @richardabetts

It was the final day and it wasn’t just festival-goers who were feeling fatigued but the staff too. Nevertheless, spirits were higher than ever as the sunshine beat down on Worthy Farm.

My friends and I had stumbled on a section of the grounds we’d never seen before and my mate was convinced that we could take a short cut through to one of the stages. Unlike the majority of the areas – here you had to show your bands. We approached a slumped member of staff sat on a camping chair, flashed our wrists and were ushered through. I’m not sure they even looked up over their sunglasses to check, luckily for us.

Next minute we found ourselves in the VIP camping area, rediscovering the simple pleasures of flushing toilets and sinks. Never mind who was playing main stage at that moment in time, we were too engrossed in washing our hands and staring, bewildered at our reflections in the mirror. My gaze locked with a small group of women stood behind me – Prosecco in hand, flower headbands placed perfectly on their heads and impeccable eye makeup. I stared down at my muddy legs and back up to my face to notice a stain on my lip from the red wine which I was drinking from a beer can. It seemed clear in that moment that we did not fit in with the VIP ticket holders.

Outside the toilets, creations of wild animals stood tall and we ran from each one snapping away with our disposable camera. We decided it was a perfect time for a group photo and my friend stopped a passerby to ask them to do the deed. It was only when I was crouching underneath a life-size giraffe that I realised the lead singer of Bastille, Dan Smith, who just a couple of days ago taken to the Pyramid Stage for an electrifying performance, was taking our photo.

We chatted to him as if he was an old friend as he showed us photos on his phone which he’d taken from the centre of the main stage. Thousands of revellers filled the background of the photo with flags and raised hands. It was such an unexpected and beautiful encounter and I think that’s one of Glastonbury’s most special qualities – both fans and stars walk side by side gathered in one place for one reason alone, the love of music.

I’ve been dreaming about going to Glastonbury ever since I found out it existed and it went above and beyond my expectations. It’s magical moments like these that I’ll remember forever. Glastonbury 2021 we’re so ready for you!

Name: Rachel Sutherland
First Glasto:

Attended: 1 (as of 2020)
Favourite area: Shangri-La

Favourite stage: Too hard to call
Twitter: @Rach96135

Instagram: rachsutherland

Glastonbury absolutely changed me when I first went in 2016.

The place is absolutely magical. The excitement of going through the gate to get on site. The food! You can get anything from anywhere in the world pretty much.

2016 was wet and muddy, but that doesn’t matter at Glastonbury. The feeling sitting in a camping chair near the pyramid with jugs of alcohol when your feet are in a pile of mud, but loving it so much!!!

One of my memories of sitting in that chair was being so drunk after seeing ELO that I nearly had to go to the tent to lie down but someone spoon-fed me a pie and mash and then I was back full of life and raring to go! It’s the friendliest place in the world.

I’ve met some wonderful people through Glastonbury that I keep in touch with. Thursday afternoon at the tree drinking shots with friends is a highlight. The sea of pink clothes and umbrellas. And everyone sharing their shots like they have known you all their life.

There is something for everyone at Glastonbury. Whether it’s sunny like last year (which was lush) or rainy or anything in between it doesn’t matter! Of course, the music is unbelievable and the absolute highlight but Glastonbury isn’t just a music festival. The music is just a part of it. It’s a feast for the brain, senses, eyes and ears. The place where you can be whoever you want and you are just accepted. Total freedom of the soul. It is a magic place and truly is the best place on Earth!

Loved by so many, including me! Can’t wait to go back next year!!!! : )

Name: Sarah Jackson
First Glasto:

Attended: 2 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Park

Favourite Stage: Pyramid Stage
Favourite Performance: All of them!!! The Killers was great, especially when Johnny Marr came on and the Pet Shop Boys
Favourite Food Stall: Again, all of them! Too many to choose from

Twitter: @sarah_jackson07

It’s a cliché, I know, but Glasto is home to me.

My sister, my mom, my stepfather and I are all very connected to music, and our favorite pastime is watching concerts together, talking about music and, well, anything music-related really. In 2015 we attended the festival for the first time. My sister and I went earlier, leaving from Bath, and then my parents met us later at the gates of the West Campervan. As my sister and I made our way from the Pedestrian Gate to the West Campervan I remember feeling a kind of excitement like no other. My sister and I just looked at each other and smiled and laughed all the time. From the second we set foot on the grounds we already felt something special.

Later that day, after an entire day of exploring, as my sister and I made our way back to the campervan, we ran into our stepfather, who convinced us to go to the Glastonbury sign. When we got there I can’t even describe how it felt to see the festival from above, all lit up. We only have one picture from that day, with a guy none of us have absolutely no idea who it is, but it’s clear from all of our faces how happy we are. After that we went to the Silent Disco and I remember thinking to myself “this is the greatest place on Earth”.

The feeling of “this is where I belong” started to grow on that Thursday, and on the following day, after a magnificent concert by Florence + the Machine, my sister and I wanted to walk around. As we did, we passed by a bar and we heard one of our favorite songs coming from the inside. We decided to enter and have a drink, before walking some more. We ended up spending the rest of the night there, and every single night afterwards. That Friday, after having spent the entire night listening to the songs we love the most, with people who seemed as excited to be there as we were, I knew I had found my heaven on earth.

My family has had its fair share of Glasto adventures, much due to the fact that we are Brazilians, and we live in Brazil, so ticket day means getting up at 4:30 am to set up our operation. In 2016 our tickets arrived only after we had already travelled. After spending 16 hours inside the car, on that historic traffic jam, as I took a much-needed nap, my mom and stepdad tried to find a solution for our ticket issue. The lovelies Fiona and Emily solved our issue and, as fate would have it (or perhaps it’s just Glasto magic), when we had the same issue in 2017, Emily was working on the moment we arrived, she recognized us and saved us once again.

This year would’ve been incredibly special. We did not get tickets last year, and we were crushed to miss the festival. This year would’ve been even more special because of Paul McCartney. We are all Beatlemaniacs, my stepdad has attended more Paul concerts than I can count, and my sister and I have already been to two. Seeing our favourite artist, at our favourite place would be greater than even our wildest dream, but I know Glasto 2021 will be even more special.

So, this is Glasto to me, and to my family. It is everything.

Name: Luiza Lopes
First Glasto:

Attended: 3 (as of 2020, which would’ve been the 4th)
Favourite Area: The Park

Favourite Stage: Other Stage
Favourite Performance: Muse 2016

Twitter: @lusrambles

My first ever Glastonbury was 2016. The year of the mud. I had nothing to compare it to but it was the most magical 5 days of my life. It’s true when people say “.. you don’t know until you have experienced it”.

On arrival on the Wednesday evening, when it was still light, the vastness of the festival hit me. I smiled from ear to ear the whole 5 days.

To enjoy and fully embrace time off from “the real world”- Glastonbury Festival really is an escape from realism. Fun and debauchery with your nearest and dearest, discovering artists and experiences that you wouldn’t normally, meeting like-minded randoms who become friends for life and becoming a part of the “Glasto Buzz” that anyone who has ever been rants about, is the real right of passage that Glastonbury offers.

My favourite memory from this Glasto was the Saturday night. I was with all of my friends in the glade area and realised that a DJ I really wanted to see was playing Arcadia (the spider!) Nobody else was bothered about seeing him buy came with me anyway. It was so good- the music, the atmosphere, that when the flames burst out of the spider as the tune dropped, I thought my head was going to explode. If you are lucky enough to get tickets- go, enjoy and treasure those memories forever! Glasto rocks.

Name: Becky Hughes
First Glasto:

Attended: 2 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Block 9/Glade/Park

Favourite Stage: West Holts
Favourite Performance: Maribou State, West Holts, Friday 2019

Favourite Food Stall: Anything with halloumi!
Twitter / Instagram: @beckykids

I had just seen Adele and my mood was euphoric! This night just couldn’t get any better. I was walking from the Pyramid to Block 9 when suddenly I spotted a flag, with MY face on it! I couldn’t believe it so ran after the group holding it. I told them my excitement while they just looked at me bemused saying, it’s not you, it’s our Asian friend who couldn’t come this year (I’m not Asian). They were kind and pitied me anyway allowing me to pose with “my face”. Still one of my favourite memories and hopefully there are more flag stories to come!

Name: Philip Crisp
First Glasto:

Attended: 3 (as of 2020)
Favourite Stage: Pyramid Stage

Instagram: @gpmcrisp1

When you drunkenly convince yourself that someone has a flag with your face on it, you have to get a picture 😂

I beat Seasick Steve at a game of table tennis backstage, West Holts in 2014.

Name: John Kerridge
First Glasto:

Attended: I think 20 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Stone Circle after our stage production has closed. Chill, capture the vibe and chat to people

Favourite Stage: West Holts (I’m biased plus I don’t get much time to see the other stages)
Favourite Performance: Most memorable Shibusashirazu Orchestra 2016

Favourite Food Stall: Goan Fish Curry – West Holts Arena
Twitter: @Northernechoes
Instagram: john_kerridge

‘Ahm in, ahm in’ The words we never thought we would say! On the morning of 6th October 2013 in a flat in Glasgow’s South Side, my friend and I managed to purchase our first-and so far only -tickets to our longed-for Glastonbury Festival. We were a bit hungover, having been to see Rod Stewart at the SSE Hydro, the night before.

And so began our 8 month journey to the bestest festival in the world. We have been friends for nearly 40 years and had been discussing going to Glastonbury since the 80s!! Here we were in our 40s going on the trip of a lifetime.

We have so many many blessed and beloved memories of Glastonbury 2014. Only the birth of my son eclipses it as The Time of My Life. Highlights include watching our beloved Paolo Nutini whilst wearing a Scottish bikini top and waving a Lion Rampant (oh dear, there are photos); vodka jelly shots at Croissant Neuf in the stunning sunshine; the gorgeous rainbow at the Pyramid Stage for our hero Robert Plant; a photo with John Bishop after Dolly’s legend slot; getting a Twitter mention from The Kaiser Chiefs on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show; laughing so much at headliners Metallica before sprinting to West Holts to see the immaculate Bryan Ferry; silent disco dancing at stupid o’clock on the Friday night; laughing, listening, watching, talking, drinking, eating, buying, laughing, smiling, walking, crying, laughing; even on the long road home to Scotland, we stopped in at Shepton Mallett Outlets and I bought a ridiculously priced Mulberry bag! Outstanding !!

The memories will stay with us forever. A truly magical time that will never be surpassed! We pure love Michael and Emily Eavis : )

Name: Susan Aitken
First Glasto:
Attended: 1 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: Strummerville

Favourite Stage: Sensation
Favourite Food Stall: Piggie Smalls
Twitter/ Instagram: @soozi27

Once upon a time in Glastonbury, I was volunteering as a litter picker for the wonderful Recycling Crew. It was 2016, the wet, wet, wet year. On the Sunday I was wandering through Tom’s Field (where the recyclers camp) to go meet my friends at the Other Stage. A bloke appeared with what could only be described as a wine udder on his front and asked “Have you ever been breast-fed wine by a man?”. He had fashioned a wine teet using an old rucksack and two boxes of wine, with the plastic pouring part sticking out of the rucksack at nipple height. Red wine on the right, white wine on the left, of course. Funnily enough I’d never been breast fed wine by a man and happily agreed to try it. His friend quickly picked me up, cradled me like a baby while wine was poured into my mouth. Another of their friends in the group took a photo of the whole experience and promised to add me on Facebook. I high-fived everyone and set on my merry way to meet my friends, thinking “Only at Glastonbury”.

I recounted the tale to my friends later who found the whole thing hilarious. The next day was Monday and after our last recycling shift everyone feels a little sad that it’s all over for another year. I spotted the wine-udder crew and went over to properly meet them. They were all absolutely lovely and I wished that I’d spent more time with them the previous day and or met them sooner over the weekend. It seemed such a shame to meet at the close of the festival. One bloke in particular took my fancy, Jim, the one who’d snapped the photo. He was funny, easy to talk to, had lovely thick curly hair and beautiful eyelashes. We all parted ways with a promise of Facebook friendship and to catch up the following year.

Milking the wine cow

I lived in Exeter at the time and most of the group were from Swansea or Leamington Spa. Afterwards I kept thinking about Jim, though I knew due to geographical differences nothing could ever possibly happen. When I eventually became friends with them all on Facebook I plucked up the courage to message him to see how he was doing. The easy chat continued over a couple of weeks until finally one night, Jim rang and asked if I wanted to meet up. Our first date involved an impromptu pub crawl, a Leamington Spa food festival and laughing so much my face hurt.

On the train ride home I deleted my Tinder Account immediately, I knew that I’d met someone I could see myself spending the rest of my life with. Having dated a lot I’d always said you could never tell from a first date if you properly liked someone. Turns out I was wrong, I was just dating the wrong people, once you know, you know. 4 years on we’ve done 2 more Glastonbury’s together, we’ve done 2 years long distance and lived in 3 different towns together, we’ve travelled round SE Asia for 5 months and now we live in Salzburg, Austria where Jim’s work has taken him.

We were absolutely gutted to hear this years Glastonbury was cancelled as it’s always been such a magical time and place for us but here’s to many more together.

Name: Evie Hirst
First Glasto:

Attended: 5 (as of 2020)
Favourite Area: The Park

Favourite Stage: West Holts
Favourite Performance: KT Tunstall (2017 and 2019)

Favourite Food Stall: Strumpets with Crumpets (those kept me going through many a recycling shift!)
Instagram: genevievejh13

Jim & Evie the following year

Glastonbury is home. Glastonbury is temporarily forgetting the bad and the negative in the world. There are no wars. There’s no politics (well maybe a little…). Glastonbury is the very best of life. It is our happy place.

Our first Glastonbury was 2008. We managed to get our tickets immediately, thinking wow this is easy! Little did we know that in the coming years the stress and panic of ticket day was going to hit hard. We’ve been very lucky. Only missing one Glastonbury in 2017 (which for me was hard to take – especially when Radiohead were confirmed).

2008 didn’t sell out until the week of the festival. I still remember that first drive into Pilton, seeing all the tents and the fence from a distance. I cannot explain how excited I was. The one thing you don’t appreciate until you’re inside is how massive it is!

One of the most talked-about subjects in the run-up to Glastonbury is ALWAYS the weather and we got to experience our first downpour on our first night. Sat in our tiny pop up tent, we suddenly hear “fucking ‘ell, the rains coming through my tent” from one of our neighbours.

I could write about Glastonbury and everything that is amazing about it forever. The music, the food, the glitter, the weird, the atmosphere, even the mud, but I’ll stop there!

Name: Kevin Parry
First Glasto:

Attended: 9 (as of 2020, which would’ve been my 10th)
Favourite Area: The Park

Favourite Stage: The Park
Favourite Performance: Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood (2010 secret set)
Favourite Food Stall: “Too many to mention – Jerk chicken one of my favourites!”

Twitter: @kevinparry
Instagram: @kevin.parry82

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