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Critical Waste prides itself on being “a sustainable waste management company that specialises in clearing up and recycling at events and festivals while offering sustainable waste solutions that can grow and evolve with each event”. The company’s other manifestation, ‘Festival Recycling’, has managed the waste at Glastonbury Festival since 2008. Along with the litter-picking teams whose job it is to clean-scan the fields, collections are made from each of the three bin types (food and compostables, bottles and cans and general waste) and returned to the on-site recycling centre. The entire operation consists of approximately 1,300 volunteers and staff that hand-sort the hundreds of tonnes of waste on the Festival site and at the plant and send it off to be recycled.

First Festival
2008 (as FC)
Latest Festival
Critical Waste - Glastonbury Recycling Crew Logos.
Critical Waste - Glastonbury Recycling Crew (2024) • Credit: Critical Waste - Glastonbury Recycling Crew (2024)
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Volunteering Opportunities

Glastonbury Recycling Crew

Glastonbury Recycling Crew sorting waste in 2019.

General info

The Glastonbury Recycling Crew work during the festival over the course of the weekend either litter picking or sorting and recycling in the on-site centre.

Role (1)

Litter Picker

Scour the fields while picking up any type of waste that you encounter.

Role (2)


Hand-sort the hundreds of tonnes of waste on the Festival site and at the on-site plant and send it off to be recycled.


4 x 6 hours.

Application Dates

January throughout.

Application Process

1. Get recommended by a current Volunteer.

2. You will then be asked to register on this the Glastonbury Recycling Crew website.

3. Receive notification by email if your initial application is successful.

4. Log in to this site and complete the form.

5. Fiona will send you a confirmation of whether or not your application has been successful (may take a few weeks).

6. Make a refundable security deposit payment of £330.

7. You will then be emailed final confirmation of your place.

Application Requirements

A personal recommendation from a previous recycling volunteer which will need to contact the Recycling Crew office directly in January and provide them with your contact details (Even with a recommendation, places are extremely limited).




• Dedicated Recycling Crew campsite (not inc. camping equipment).
• Free showers.
• x2 free veggie meals for every day’s work.
• Free tea and coffee.

More Info

Applications and refunds are handled by Fiona at the Glastonbury Recycling Team office, whilst the actual shifts you do on site are organised by Critical Waste.

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