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Festaff founder Sandy Reid started supplying a small number of casual staff to T in the Park over 15 years ago. Since then, the client list has grown to include Glastonbury and some 20+ events each year, with over 25,000 people on their total database.

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Whether a wristbander, event ambassador, steward or info point personnel, you'll be part of a team helping to stage Britain’s leading festival and have loads of fun whilst doing so.



Stewards are what keep festivals running; helping control crowds, directing attendees to the right location, pointing out amenities, and creating a happy, vibrant atmosphere. As a festival steward, you might be needed in a multitude of different jobs; from helping people park safely, to giving information and directing attendees around the site.


3 x 8-hour shifts

Application Dates

1st February 2024

Application Process

1. If you haven’t already, go to Festaff website and click on the Join Us button in preparation for when applications open.

2. Log In to your account (presuming you’ve already signed up).

3. Once applications open, choose your festival(s) and follow the on-screen instructions.

Application Requirements

Returners who volunteered with Festaff in the past at 2 events in summer of 2023 gain priority and will be invited to apply first and foremost, after-which Festaff will only then then look at other applications (an invite does not 100% guarantee a place).


£340 (refundable)


• Dedicated Festaff campsite.
• Free showers.
• Meals on duty.
• Snacks, Tea and coffee
• Phone charging facilities.

More Info

Deposits will only be returned when both the Glastonbury event and the sister event have both been completed to an acceptable standard. While working 2 events the previous summer does not guarantee a place, both must be completed to receive an invite to apply for the next years Glastonbury event and have both deposits returned.

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Volunteering with Festaff at Glastonbury (2019)

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