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Greenpeace is a movement of people who are passionate about defending the natural world from destruction, with their vision being a “greener, healthier and more peaceful planet, one that can sustain life for generations to come”. The charity has been a partner of Glastonbury since 1992, and in return for creating an amazing field full of attractions (think hot showers, café, stage and bands, skate ramp, climbing wall), the Festival makes a very generous donation to Greenpeace to enable them to carry on protecting and conserving the environment and promoting peace.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Greenpeace Roles

Greenpeace volunteers at Glastonbury Festival.

General info

Every year an amazing team of volunteers bring the Greenpeace Field to life. Together, they keep it looking beautiful, support the campsite, spread the Greenpeace message and so much more. It’s hard work, but very rewarding.

Below you’ll find a brief outline of the roles (which may change slightly) that are likely to be needed at the Festival – Although in the past you may have been asked to indicate your preferred role, in recent years Greenpeace have streamlined things and you will not be asked to do this as they will select your role based on the skills and experience you include on your application.

Role (1)


These volunteers will be required to help work on different features and to be on hand to fill positions when needed. Some of the tasks will involve helping the stage crew to move equipment, jumping in to help steward a gate - just general lovely people to jump in when required. This role involves mandatory recycling duties (we need to keep our field clean in true Greenpeace style!)

Role (2)

Running Features

Whether the Dropslide, Skate Ramp or Climbing Wall. These roles are a vital interface in giving the public a positive experience of the Greenpeace Field.

Role (3)

Production Assistants

Experienced crew helping to organise and run the event, keep health and safety logs, oversee the crew and ensure success of the field.

Role (4)

Showers Crew

Managing the sustainable Greenpeace showers. Encouraging the public to donate, managing the queue and keeping the showers clean and green.

Role (5)

Campsite Steward

Helping to keep the Greepeace campsite and field, tidy, secure and in good order for the crew and public (this role involves mandatory recycling duties).

Role (6)

Maintenance Crew

Helping fix features on the Greenpeace Field and campsite (this role involves mandatory recycling duties).

Role (7)

Accreditation Office

Assisting in the onsite accreditation process, managing the admin around meals for volunteers, crew and performers etc.

Role (8)

General Stewards

Covering our campsite or field gates to control access to only those authorised to be backstage.


5x8-hour (max)

Application Dates

Open from 8th February 2024 to 20th March 2024

Application Process

1. Head over to the Greenpeace website.

2. Fill in the application form and submit.

3. Greenpeace will inform if you your application was successful or no, with more information to follow.

Application Requirements

Application form.




• Dedicated camping in Greenpeace campsite (not inc. camping equipment).
• Access to hot showers.
• Tasty vegetarian/vegan meals (3 times a day).
• Good company and lots of entertainment.

More Info

You’ll need to be on site from Tuesday 25 June – Monday 1 July. There is also a chance to be involved in the pre- and post-festival action.

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