Back House campsite at Glastonbury Festival

Back House

Backs House – or Mrs Wills, as it was initially known – first appeared on the Festival map as a dedicated public camping field in its own right back in 2015.

As with the neighbouring Bailey’s, Rig’s Field and South Parks 1 & 2 – it is situated at the Southwest outskirts of the Festival site. It is both very small and very out of the way and could very easily go fairly unnoticed.

One of the major advantages of this field is that it’s literally off the beaten track and hidden behind a thick hedge which makes it somewhat invisible to by-passers and therefore will be the perfect place if you’re looking for loads of space between tents and hardly any neighbours.

The Park area as well as Arcadia are located just east of Backs House, with access to this field being via Gate D, which is “just around the corner” from this camping site. It is worth keeping in mind that arriving from any other gate will be a long and tiresome trek.


Regular Campsite
Best Access
Gate D
Car Park
Pyramid Distance
≅ 35 min. walk
Fill Rate
Back House campsite at Glastonbury Festival.
Back House · Credit: SIL

Pros & Cons


Plenty of camping space.


Far from the heart of the Festival and the majority of the action.

Location & Locality

Back House

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