Cockmill Meadow campsite at Glastonbury Festival

Cockmill Meadow

Family Camping

Along with Wicket Ground, Cockmill Meadow is the second camping field reserved especially for Families — and is hands down the more sought-after of the two. It is located in the northeastern corner of the site, just a stone’s throw away from the Kidzfield and William’s Green. Plus, the Acoustic Stage, Pilton Palais (cinema) and Theatre & Circe Fields are all located close by (to the south of the field) just a short walking distance away.

Please do respect the “law of the land” and consider setting up camp elsewhere if you’re not a family with kids — If you do however have children within your family/friends group and would like to make Cockmill Meadow your home for the weekend, it is imperative that you start queueing as early as possible, i.e. Tuesday evening before the gates opening on Wednesday.

The closest access point to this campsite is Pedestrian Gate B which is located north of the field. Keep in mind that if you do decide to enter through Gate B you should aim to do so via the Eastern “Purple” car parks. Alternatively, if you are coming via the “Blue” car parks, your best bet would be to enter via Gate C (located to the south of the field).

If for any reason you find yourself entering the Festival site via Western Gates A and D, we would advise you to strongly consider the alternative Family Camping ground in Wicket Ground (to the north), as in addition to it also being closer to those gates you are also more likely to find available space to set up you tent long after Cockmill Meadow reaches its full capacity.

With the unveiling of the Glastonbury 2024 map, a new area called Ash Tree was introduced adjacent to Cockmill Meadow, allowing for more family camping space in this zone, instead of what once was a crew camping area.


Family Campsite
Best Access
Gates B / C
Car Park
Purple / Blue
Pyramid Distance
≅ 10 mins. walk
Fill Rate
Cockmill Meadow campsite at Glastonbury Festival.
Cockmill Meadow · Credit: Paul Groves

Pros & Cons


If you are hip enough to be bringing your kids to Glasto – this is the place to be.
Located, Location, Location: next to the Kidz Field – what dreams are made of.


Have you ever experienced a hangover? Have you ever experienced a hangover with loads of kids running and jumping all over the place? ‘Nough said.
As we mentioned above – you need to figure out the best route of arriving at this campsite as it can be a bit of an inconvenient entrance.
Fills up super-fast.

Location & Locality

Cockmill Meadow

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