Darble campsite at Glastonbury Festival


Like Rivermead and Pylon Ground, Darble was one of the campsites which first appeared on the Festival map as a public camping field in 2011 when Glastonbury expanded its fence line to the West in order to provide lots of additional camping space and ensure everyone is able to pitch their tent within the Festival grounds.

Being the antechamber to the Festival site, Darble is the first field you will meet if you enter via Pedestrian Gate A and boasts a designated area known as Cyclist’s Camping, which is specifically reserved for people who cycle to Glastonbury. For this reason, it is a great choice for those who arrive at the Festival by means of public transport and who want to settle down quickly.

That said, do keep in mind that as with most of the camping fields located on the outskirts of the site, you will be camped far from the central entertainment areas.


Regular Campsite
Best Access
Gate A
Car Park
Pyramid Distance
≅ 15 min. walk
Fill Rate
Darble campsite at Glastonbury Festival.
Darble · Credit: Tanner

Pros & Cons


Great for those arriving via coach to Gate A and want to pitch a tent ASAP or, for when you wake with that horrendous hungover on the Monday morning and can’t imagine scraping what is left of you off the tent floor in order to get back on that coach bound home.
Flat ground – which means less likely to flood if it gets wet as well as a nice horizontal surface to lay your head on at night.
There’s usually still lots of space to pitch tent late into Thursday.


Far away from the nightlife shenanigans – Shangri-La and the likes.
A lot of foot traffic due to being the doorway to the Festival.

Location & Locality


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