Hawkwell campsite at Glastonbury Festival


Hawkwell is situated on the hill directly below Worthy Farm itself and like the adjacent Michael’s Mead camping field, it too has quite a steep slope (35+ degree angle, in some places).

On the plus side of things, looking down the hill toward the heart of the Festival can make for some spectacular scenic views – and as well as being located close to both the Pyramid and Woodsies (formerly John Peel Stage), it is also fairly accessible from the Festival Bus Station at Pedestrian Gate A, as well as from eastern Gates B and C.


Regular Campsite
Best Access
Gates B / C
Car Park
Pink / Purple
Pyramid Distance
≅ 10 min. walk
Fill Rate
Hawkwell campsite at Glastonbury Festival.
Hawkwell · Credit: Jennofer

Pros & Cons


Spectacular scenic views of the site.
Easily accessible from the Festival Bus Station (Gate A).
Located between two of the major music stages (Pyramid & John Peel).


Uphill toil back to your tent each night.
Steep incline in some places (35+ degree angle, by some estimates), especially for those pitched near the top of the hill.

Location & Locality


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