Kidney Mead campsite at Glastonbury Festival

Kidney Mead

Welcome to Kidney Mead. This camping field – which could be a good alternative to the ever-popular Big Ground – is located at the bottom of the latter and considered by some to be the (flat-grounded) extension of it that together with Row Mead and Big Ground adjoins the Pyramid Stage field at its far end tip (to the east).

In comparison to the adjacent Row Mead which sits on higher ground – Kidney Mead, being situated on lower ground means you are more likely to encounter the infamous Glasto-mud on a rainy year, in addition to the overall view of the site and Pyramid Stage not being up to par with the rest of the fields higher on the hill. Looking at the image above you’ll notice that all one is able to see of the Pyramid Stage from this field is its gorgeous shiny triangle hat peeking over the separating hedgerow.

Due to its central location and proximity to the Pyramid & Acoustic stages, the Cider Bus and William’s Green, Kidney Mead enjoys quick access to a lot of the site’s cafes, bars, food stalls and market areas – That said, it also means that this field is a main point of passage and in addition to housing some of the site’s busiest latrines (see image above), it’s also essential you avoid setting up your tent at the path edges which cross this field and are highly frequented.

You’re best off trying to enter this field via Gate C, but Gate B also provides easy access. If you do however find yourself entering the Festival site through gates A or god forbid D, be prepared for quite the hike prior to arriving at this field.


Regular Campsite
Best Access
Gates B / C
Car Park
Purple / Blue
Pyramid Distance
≅ 5 min. walk
Fill Rate
Kidney Mead campsite at Glastonbury Festival.
Kidney Mead · Credit: Alan

Pros & Cons


A great location if you fancy hanging out at the Pyramid / Acoustic Stage, the Cider Bus, William’s Green and the central market areas.
A good alternative to Big Ground.


Noisy and somewhat smelly – with some of the busiest toilets on the site located pretty damn close – so by the time Saturday rolls around you’ll be in for a bit of a whiff (putting it mildly).

Location & Locality

Kidney Mead

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