Oxlyers campsite at Glastonbury Festival


Oxlyers is a fairly large camping field which is located right smack in the middle of the Festival site and therefore has easy access to most of the main entertainment areas. It borders Silver Hayes (formerly known as Dance Village) to the north, the Other Stage to the east and the old railway track to the south (which gives easy access to some of the main stages in the Southwest area of the Festival site). The Pyramid Stage is also just a short walk away to the northeast, as well as Arcadia and The Park area to the south.

Like the neighbouring Park Home Ground and Pennard Hill, it is also worth noting that Oxlyers has for the most part had a population reputation consisting of party-goers and owls and being a little hectic – even noisy.

Unlike the other two neighbouring campsites mentioned above which are located on higher ground, Oxlyers is situated on flat lower ground and thus a little more prone to getting muddy and wet if dust turns to mud.

Due to its centrality and popularity, this field tends to fill up rather quickly with tent density being quite high there – in particular towards the outskirts of the field.

Both Gate A (coach drop-off) and Gate D (West Car Parks) would serve as the preferred access point to this field.


Regular Campsite
Best Access
Gates A / D
Car Park
Pyramid Distance
≅ 20 min. walk
Fill Rate
Oxlyers campsite at Glastonbury Festival.
Oxlyers · Credit: Lord Munsterland

Pros & Cons


A focal point for most of the main entertainment areas, and with some luck, you might just be able to crack open a cider and catch the Other Stage acts right from the comfort of your tent.
This is ‘flatland’. No inclines. No slopes.


This real estate is in high demand and fills up faster than you can say Jack Robinson – and if you are lucky enough to secure a sweet spot be prepared to make new friends, as you are gonna all be one on top of the other.
Did we mention it is FLAT? Basically, this also means that if it pours down with rain you’re in deep s*it. Ehrrmmm… we mean, mud.. deep mud.

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