Paines Ground campsite at Glastonbury Festival

Paines Ground

Paines Ground might just be the largest camping field on the Festival site and is the site where Michael Eavis lets his cows roam the fields when the festival isn’t live. To the east of this field, Paines Ground borders The Park and Arcadia areas.

Do keep in mind that due to its proximity to Arcadia, like with the neighbouring Park Home Ground, it can get quite loud till the early hours of the morning.

It’s also worth mentioning that up until 2016 Paines Ground was known as Dairy Ground and vice versa – for some “technical issues” regarding the printing of the sitemaps. So, if someone mentions the name Paines Ground to you just make sure they aren’t referring to the much smaller ground next door.

The easiest access to this field is through Gate D.


Regular Campsite
Best Access
Gate D
Car Park
Pyramid Distance
≅ 30 min. walk
Fill Rate
Paines Ground campsite at Glastonbury Festival.
Paines Ground · Credit: Phoebe Petridis

Pros & Cons


Close to the Other Stage The Park areas.
Very easy on the eye with great views all around.
Very easy access via Gate D.


It’s a pretty hefty walk to the main stages – not easy on the quads.
Although being one of (if not the) biggest fields on site, this baby packs up swiftly – so don’t procrastinate on your way in.
Some of the mid-areas of the field can experience loud sounds till the early hours of the morning due to the adjacent Arcadia.

Location & Locality

Paines Ground

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