Pennard Hill Ground campsite at Glastonbury Festival

Pennard Hill Ground

Pennard Hill Ground – or commonly known as “Pennards” – along with Big Ground, is one of the Festival’s most coveted camping fields. Located in the southern part of the Festival, between The Park, Stone Circle and Green Fields – just north of the Tipi Village and south of the Other Stage – this campsite is also rather close to the late-night entertainment areas i.e Arcadia, and the south-east “Naughty Corner” (which includes Shangri-La, Block 9, The Common, UnFair Ground and Glasto Latino).

Due to its central location and proximity to most of the main stages and late-night areas, Pennards is known for being more of a non-stop party-type area, tends to fill up externally fast (i.e. Wednesday afternoon fast) and at times can feel somewhat overcrowded.

If you do decide to camp on this hill, however, try to avoid erecting your tent at the bottom lower-ground part of the field – as it is infamously known to suffer one of the worst floods Glastonbury has ever seen back in 2005 – and although considerable drainage improvement has been put in place since to try and prevent such senses from happening in the future, better safe than sorry.

There is no real “easy access” to Pennards, so whether you enter the Festival site via the preferred West Pedestrian Gate D or East Car Park, Gate C – you will have to be prepared for quite the walk. Not to mention the seemingly never-ending hike if you drive via coach and enter through Gate A.

In 2023 the camping area dedicated to staff camping at the top of Pennards was removed while being added to Rivermead, as well as to the section at the bottom of Wicket Ground, and to Pylon Ground (which had been converted entirely to a staff camping area).


Regular Campsite
Best Access
Gates C / D
Car Park
Pyramid Distance
≅ 25 min. walk
Fill Rate
Pennard Hill Ground campsite at Glastonbury Festival.
Pennard Hill Ground · Credit: Steve

Pros & Cons


You’re surrounded! The Park, Arcadia, Sacred Space, Healing Field and Green Feature are all just a spit away.
The Other Stage is loud and clear from the site.


Its popularity factors into the staggering speed at which this field fills up.
If thunderstorms come around and decide to stay for a day or two – you better hope the new drainage system that has been much improved, kicks in and does its job.
Did we already mention – It is loud!

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Pennard Hill Ground

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