Pylon Ground campsite at Glastonbury Festival

Pylon Ground

Staff Campsite

Looking at the image below, it’s pretty self-explanatory how Pylon Ground got its name — as you can expect to encounter a pylon tower or two in these fields.

Like Rivermead and Darble, Pylon Ground was one of the campsites which first appeared on the Festival map as a public camping field in 2011 when Glastonbury expanded its fence line to the West. That said, after a portion of the Pylon Ground campsite switched from public camping to staff camping in 2022, for 2023 even more staff camping had been removed from Pennard Hill Ground and Dairy Ground, but added to Pylon Ground — which since 2023 has converted to being solely staff camping.

The ground here is flat for the most part and thus less likely to suffer from any floods if it starts raining. Furthermore, there is less foot traffic in this field in comparison to the neighbouring Darble and therefore might be the better located and somewhat quieter.


Staff Campsite
Best Access
Gates A / D
Car Park
Pyramid Distance
≅ 15 min. walk
Pylon Ground campsite at Glastonbury Festival.
Pylon Ground · Credit: Kai Mortensen

Pros & Cons


lat ground – which means less likely to flood if it gets wet as well as a nice horizontal surface to lay your head on at night.


Far away from the nightlife shenanigans – Shangri-La and the likes.
As you’d expect, Pylon Ground has, Pylon buzz. The towers output a mild buzz which isn’t in favour of light sleepers.

Location & Locality

Pylon Ground

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