Rig's Field campsite at Glastonbury Festival

Rig’s Field

Rig’s Field is the most southwesterly public camping space at the Festival site. It first appeared on the Festival map as “Chambers” back in 2015 and prior to that formed part of the old West 60 Campervan Field.

The field is great for late arrivals, as there’s lots of room to make camp in this zone and tent density tends to be on the lighter side with lots of space in between tents. That said, due to this campsite being tucked away in the corner of the Festival site, you’ll have a bit of a walk to the heart of the Festival (not to mention the trek to the Pyramid Stage), so do keep that in mind if you are contemplating whether to camp here or not if you’re planning on spending most of you’re festival-time in those areas.

The easiest way to access this field would be via Gate D which is at the same altitude as this campsite. All other access points are distant and uphill.


Regular Campsite
Best Access
Gate D
Car Park
Pyramid Distance
≅ 35 min. walk
Fill Rate
Rig's Field campsite at Glastonbury Festival.
Rig's Field · Photo Credit: WM

Pros & Cons


Lots of space to pitch a tent.
Good for late arrivals.


Very busy pedestrian traffic (almost 24 hours a day).
Far from the heart of the Festival and the majority of the action.

Location & Locality

Rig’s Field

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