Rivermead campsite at Glastonbury Festival


Rivermead first appeared on the Festival map as a public camping field in 2011. It is a small area sandwiched between the much larger Pylon Ground to the north and Bushy Ground to the south. In fact, one could argue that it is a natural extension of Pylon Ground that benefits from almost the same advantages and disadvantages.

This field enjoys quick access to Silver Hayes without the decibels levels that Oxlyers campers might experience in order to be close to this dance area. It is also a great alternative to the adjacent Pylon Ground as the tent density tends to be lower in the area and it is easy to find a camping spot space there.

Rivermead, as the name suggests, has a river running all the way across the bottom of the field and although its flat-grounded area can be a delight to pitch a tent on, in a wet year it could get rather swampy and soggy, due to the proximity to the river.

Access to this field is quite easy from either Gate A or Gate D interchangeably.

Similar to Pylon Ground (which has converted entirely to staff camping for 2023), and in a continued trend from 2022 when a large section of Rivermead was assigned for staff camping, in 2023 and onwards this allocation appears to have increased and now encompasses almost half of this camping field (as shown in the map below).


Regular Campsite
Best Access
Gates A / D
Car Park
Pyramid Distance
≅ 20 min. walk
Fill Rate
Rivermead campsite at Glastonbury Festival.
Rivermead · Credit: Jack Brown

Pros & Cons


Lots of space for late arrivals.
Enjoys quick access to Silver Hayes (without being too close to the noise source).
Easy access to this camping field from both Gates A and D.


In a wet year, it can get swampy and soggy near the river area to the north of the field.

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