Webb’s Ash campsite at Glastonbury Festival

Webb’s Ash

Although not labelled by name on the latest Glastonbury map, Webb’s Ash is located south of Michael’s Mead and Hawkwell and forms the flatter area at the bottom section of these two campsites.

As well as being close to the Pyramid Stage and Mandela Bar (which is the yellow marquee pictured in the image above), it is also fairly accessible from the Festival Bus Station at Pedestrian Gate A, as well as from eastern Gates B and C.


Regular Campsite
Best Access
Gates A / B / C
Car Park
Pink / Purple
Pyramid Distance
≅ 5 min. walk
Fill Rate
Webb’s Ash campsite at Glastonbury Festival.
Webb’s Ash · Credit: Matt Lang

Pros & Cons


Very close to the Pyramid Stage.
Beer & breakfast have never been closer with Mandela Bar and Lulu’s Café both a short walking distance away.
Level plain ground.


Quite the walk to The Park / Greenfield areas.

Location & Locality

Webb’s Ash

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