Wicket Ground campsite at Glastonbury Festival

Wicket Ground

Family Campsite

Wicket Ground, along with Cockmill Meadow, is one of the two camping fields which are reserved specifically for families. Although being twice as big as the latter, it is extremely far from the heart of the Festival and in particular from anything that might interest children. That said, it is the only public camping field that has a patrolled and guarded security fence all around it and stewards at the entrance. This is an intentional policy on the part of the Festival to offer a safe, secure camping area for people with children so that they can run about and play with their friends and fellow campers in complete safety – You are only permitted entry by the volunteer stewards to this field if you have a family.

As opposed to Cockmill Meadow which has specific services for people with young babies, such as bathing options at night for your baby, NCT support etc, Wicket tends to attract those families who have got past the baby/toddler stage or perhaps have more than one child so a mixed age group of family.

This field also enjoys a food tent immediately by the camping field and there are sinks and compost toilets for the sole use of the camping field.

Another two points in favour of this campsite are attributed to its proximity to Pedestrian Gate A (which means you won’t have to walk a long distance in order to pitch your tent), and the vast amount of camping space available (due to its peripheral location on the outskirts of the Festival site).

A portion of this campsite was assigned to general camping back in 2022, and since 2023 has been allocated some Accessible camping areas at the bottom part of the field (as seen in the map below).


Family Campsite
Best Access
Gate A
Car Park
Pyramid Distance
≅ 15 min. walk
Fill Rate
Wicket Ground at Glastonbury Festival.
Wicket Ground · Credit: Mister Snappy

Pros & Cons


Has the advantage of fencing and stewards at the entrance to keep younger children from wandering off.
Sinks and compost toilets for the sole use of the camping field.
Food tent immediately by the camping field.
Abondance of camping space.


Far from the main stages or anything that might interest the little ones.

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Wicket Ground

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