Greek Traditional Souvlaki at Glastonbury Festival

Greek Traditional Souvlaki

Mac N’ Cheese
Greek Traditional Souvlaki is a Greek family business and one of the few food stalls open all day and night (24 hours) throughout the Festival. Serving Greek chargrilled BBQ, some of the menu delights include Souvlaki / Wrap with: Chicken; Lamb; Pork Sausage with Gruyere Cheese; Vegetarian with Grilled Halloumi; Vegan with Falafels and more.


Food Stall
First Festival
Latest Festival
Greek BBQ
Avg. Price
Opening Days
Wed 26th - Sun 30th
- - -
Pre/Post Festival:
Tue 25th, Mon 1st
Opening Hours
24 hours
- - -
Pre/Post Festival:
- afternoon

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Greek Traditional Souvlaki

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