Leon Lewis at Glastonbury Festival

Leon Lewis

Vegetarian Cuisine

Leon Lewis is truly one of the OG’s when it comes to food stalls at Glastonbury. Making his debut at the Festival back in 1982, Leon has been to almost every edition since (except a few at the end of the 90’s), while serving his Gourmet Vegetarian / Vegan homemade wholefood — including Hot Curry plates and bowls and Cold Salads. Along with minimising waste and using wild food (eg. Nettles, Samphire, and Wild Garlic as much as possible, Leon’s crew educate people about the nutritional aspects of a mainly vegan wholefood diet, when possible.


Food Stall
First Festival
Latest Festival
Gourmet Vegetarian
Avg. Price
Opening Days
Wed 26th - Sun 30th
Opening Hours
9am - 2am
Leon's Vegetarian Cuisine food stall.

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Leon Lewis Vegetarian Cuisine

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