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20 reasons why Glastonbury cannot be replaced by any other festival

20 reasons why Glastonbury cannot be replaced by any other festival

20 Reasons Glastonbury Absence

Below are just some of the reasons why Glastonbury Festival sells out so fast each year…

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There is a very good reason (or 20, at least) for why Glastonbury Festival has a fast-selling, recording-breaking ticket sellout every year, often selling out in under an hour.

With the last “fallow year” being 2018, there have been numerous talks about trying to find a ‘Glastonbury replacement’ festival in order to try and fill the void caused by a Glastonbury “fallow year” absence.

Below we have tried to summarise the top 20 reasons for why there can be no real replacement for such a world wonder.

That being said, trying to summarise the reasons to just 20 has proven to be a very difficult task, seeing that there are obviously SO MANY more.

Feel free to let us know which is your favourite of the reasons listed below, or to point out the ones you think we might have missed.

Ok, so without further ado, here are our 20 reasons for why there can be no real ‘Glastonbury replacement’:


Michael and Emily Eavis

‘Cos family is for life and Glastonbury is still sponsor-free!

#1 - Michael and Emily Eavis [📸 David Levene]
Photo credit: David Levene


The charity work

Over £2 MILLION given to good causes.

#2 - The charity work [📸 Eco Event]
Photo credit: Eco Event


The magnitude

‘Cos no other festival even comes close.

#3 - The magnitude [📸 Alastair Johnstone]
Photo credit: Alastair Johnstone


The fooood

Some might say the ultimate foodie’s foodfest.

Photo credit: Sarah / Buddha Bowls


… and cider

The Cider Bus. ‘Nuf said.

#5 - ... and cider [📸 Katie Poole]
Photo credit: Katie Poole



Yes, you can bring YOUR OWN BEER!

#6 - ... AND BEER [📸 SWNS]
Photo credit: SWNS


The Pyramid Stage

Nowhere else does the band look as blown-away by the crowd as the crowd does by the band.

#7 - The Pyramid Stage [📸 Amelia Allen]
Photo credit: Amelia Allen


The Stone Circle

Watching the sunset from the stone circle on the Wednesday night before it all kicks off, or perhaps, catching the last night sunrise surrounded by newly found friends and flickering candles.

#8 - The Stone Circle [📸 Alicia Tamlyn]
Photo credit: Alicia Tamlyn


The costumes

#9 - The costumes [📸 iklegemma]
Photo credit: iklegemma


The Ribbon Tower

#10 - The Ribbon Tower [📸 PA Images]
Photo credit: PA Images


The guy

#11 - This guy [📸 Tom Widd]
Photo credit: Tom Widd


The Hidden Piano Bar

AKA the best-kept festival “secret”. 

 #12 - The Hidden Piano Bar [📸 Matt Cardy]
Photo credit: Matt Cardy


Glorious Glasto mud

Quicksand has nothing on the infamous Glasto mud, nor does any other type of mud in any other festival on the planet.

#13 - Glorious Glasto Mud [📸 Matt Cardy]
Photo credit: Matt Cardy



Love’em or hate’em, you better pack’em.

#14 - Wellies [📸 PA Images]
Photo credit: @ArtfulCarroll


This view

#15 - This View [📸 GlastoPostcards]
Photo credit: GlastoPostcards


The Rabbit Hole

An inner world where weird and wonderful things happen.

#16 - The Rabbit Hole [📸 PA Images]
Photo credit: PA Images


The smiles

Imagining for a few days what it would be like if everyone was always that happy, helpful and kind.

#17 - The smiles [📸 PA Images]
Photo credit: PA Images


The festival-whithin-a-festival

#18 - The festival-within-a-festival [📸 Andrew Allcock]
Photo credit: Andrew Allcock



Staying up all night to get lost in this otherworldly experience. ‘Cos what happens in Shangri-La, stays in Shangri-La.

#19 - Shangri-La [📸 CHU]
Photo credit: CHU


Oh, and lets not forget… THE BANDS

Yes, let us not forget – there is some good music too 😉

#20 - Oh, and the bands [📸 PA Images]
Photo credit: PA Images

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Luke Durkan
Luke Durkan

#14 are by @ArtfulCarroll (Instsgram) where’s the credit at!? Sort it out guys!!

Nathan Carroll
Nathan Carroll

Cool list! Couldn’t agree more. I was the artist who painted the wellies on #14 on your list! Glad you like them. Please could you credit my Twitter account: @ArtfulCarroll Thanks!!

Mark Doran
Mark Doran

You missed the fabulous Lost Horizon Sauna & Solar Stage. It’a wonderful throwback to the hippy era with hot sauna, warm showers and cool customers. My favourite venue!