13 signs you’re suffering the Post-Glastonbury Blues

Are you suffering the post-Glastonbury blues? Here are 13 signs you might just well be:



You are experiencing the “Glasto-scenes-that-haunt-your-dreams” syndrome

Photo credit: Stephen Payne


You take pride in your sunburn

Photo credit: unkn


The mere thought of cutting off your Glasto wristband sends shivers down your spine

Photo credit: Gekko Creative


The Glasto BBC Red Button has become your new best friend

Homer TV
Photo credit: The Simpsons


This is basically your reaction to the first sip of the day, it being not a warm cider:

Warm Cider
Gif credit: GIPHY


Going to the moon seems like nothing compared to going back to work again

Landing on the Moon
Gif credit: GIPHY


Your mates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all hate you. No, trust us, they do

All Your Mates Hate You
Gif credit: GIPHY


You smiled at a total stranger on the tube channelling that “Glastonbury Spirit” and it almost got you arrested

Getting Arrested
Gif credit: GIPHY


When you come back to civilisation and spot another human who is also still rocking the Glasto wristband:

Approval Nod
Gif credit: GIPHY


You still hold your breath for as long as you can while entering the toilet (even though there’s no need to)

Holding Breath
Gif credit: GIPHY


Your mates are all hyped for the weekend night out and invite you to come along, but you decline. Reason being, it does not look like this:

Photo credit: Peter Hughes


All food is dull and tasteless and not served in a disposable kraft tray or wrapped in a napkin, which you now consider to be the standard

Photo credit: Helen


You look at the Glasto countdown timer for next year’s Glastonbury and break into tears just to realise there are more than 300 days to go. Now, you start shaking too.


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