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12 tips & tricks to maximise your chances of getting Glastonbury 2019 tickets

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Getting Glastonbury 2019 tickets is not all just down to luck…

Trying to get tickets to perhaps the most iconic festival in the world often requires the planning of an elite army operation, as getting your hands on the “golden ticket snitch” is known to be notoriously difficult – but that doesn’t mean you aren’t in with a fighting chance.

But be warned, last year general admission tickets sold out in 50 minutes. That’s almost 135,000 tickets gone in under an hour!

The fact that tickets must be registered to your name is both a blessing and a curse – it means tickets can’t be touted for extortionate prices, but it also means that you only have a few shots at getting a ticket. The pressure is seriously on and is very real!

Glastonbury Festival tickets are only sold on one site: – any other site claiming to sell tickets for the festival are not authentic, and you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. Make sure you are in the right place before putting down a deposit.

All that being said, it is not just down to luck – so if  Worthy Farm has your fancy, and want to be at the best party in the world next summer, here are our top 12 essential tips & tricks for maximising your chances of getting Glastonbury 2019 tickets:

#1 Make sure you have registered

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? You would be surprised how many people this catches out every year. There is no way you can buy a Glastonbury Festival ticket unless you’ve pre-registered.

Registering yourself is very easy, and completely cost-free. One thing to note is that you are required to submit a headshot photo of yourself. There is a list of photos Dos and Don’ts on the registration page, so make sure you check over them before you submit.

You’ll need the registration number and postcode for each person who wants a ticket, so make sure to check all these details in advance – if you are uncertain whether you’re all registered or not, you can check on the Glastonbury Festival official website –> here.

#2 Work as a team; one for all and all for one

📷: The Three Musketeers

One person can book up to a maximum of six tickets per order. That means you can put each and every one of your team members to work towards constantly bashing those laptop keys in pursuit of the desired golden ticket and by doing so hopefully increase the likelihood of Glastonbury glory by 6 fold.

Once you’ve got your A-team of Glasto-goers assembled, make sure you are prepared; Set up a Facebook / WhatsApp group or any other instant messenger group chat and make sure you are all a member of the group. That way, you’ll be able to communicate with each other and exchange details (registration number and postcode) in an easy and efficient manner, and, for f**ks sake, ALWAYS double check for typos in your details! The last thing you want is to get through, punch in your details, only to see the “Sorry, that reference number is not registered” error pop up in your face. To avoid this, perhaps the best way to go about it would be to get your mates to copy and paste their Glasto details, as opposed to them typing them in or reciting them over the phone.

#3 Use multiple devices and make sure to charge them all the night before

Keep in mind there is more than just one way to get on the internet – what we are trying to say is; you should grab any and every device which you have access to and is capable of connecting to the World Wide Web – every laptop, tablet and smartphone you own, fire them up, put them to good use and head over to the Glastonbury SeeTickets website use on ticket reseal day.

Often times you’ll find that tablets have a better internet connection due to the fact they aren’t crammed up with as much rubbish as your old tower pc or laptop you bought in 2005, which doesn’t even run without the charger plugged in anymore.

Talking of the charger, make sure you charge these babies up the night before. We don’t want to arrive at the “promised land” just to stay outside at the end of it all.

#4 Speaking of the night before; set-up an alarm for ticket release day, and DO NOT GO OUT THE NIGHT BEFORE!

No matter how cheap the drinks are, or how you think your intention is to just go out for ‘a few’ – everyone knows that’s just a lie we all tell ourselves, and before you know it, you’ll be going proper “OUT OUT”.

TIP: Most years, general admission tickets go on sale on a Sunday morning, and we’re not trying to run your lives or anything, but you might want to rethink those Saturday evening pub plans and get some shut-eye ahead of that 8:30AM wake-up call (you should set for yourself) so you don’t sleep through your alarm.

#5 Consider going for the coach ticket package

📷: National Express

Your initial inkling might be to just buy the standard weekend ticket and figure out the logistics of getting to the festival later. But just think of the journey there, and… the journey back. You might not be able to take as many beers with you on the coach, but… Oh GOD, skipping the drive on that journey back will be well worth it, wouldn’t it?! Apart from that, you’ll be doing the planet some good by travelling by coach.

TIP: Getting a random coach at 6:00AM can mean you are up against a lot less competition when it comes to tickets.

The thing about coach tickets that might be a bit uneasing, is that they don’t give you your ticket until you actually get on the coach. You just have to trust the process and that it will all be OK (as it usually is). Once you get on the bus, the driver reads out the names and hands out the envelopes to everyone. Think Christmas morning, but in June, on a coach, in a car park.

#6 Make sure you have all your (and your mates) registration details at the ready

Create a Google spreadsheet with the finalised registration details divided into groups of six. Share the spreadsheet with all relevant parties over the Facebook / WhatsApp group you’ve set up earlier. Now you can all have it open simultaneously and view the changes in real time.

TIP: You could also use the Notepad / Notes app to save all your registration details in a small box at the corner of your screen, so when the time comes to enter your details all you have to do is copy and paste them into the correct fields and by doing so with the speed of light minimising the risk of losing your ticket.

#7 Use multiple browsers, not multiple tabs

When you head over to Glastonbury’s SeeTickets website to try and get your ticket, you will inevitably end up in a Seetickets virtual queue.

In the same way that using lots of different devices will marginally increase your chances of getting through, so will using as many browsers as possible.

TIP: Do not make the fatal mistake of trying to book using multiple browser tabs as this can upset the system. Instead, you’re much better off using multiple browsers, with one tab open per browser.

Even though having 30 Chrome tabs open and constantly refreshing all of them might seem like the best idea at the time, it is not. On the contrary, this is terrible. Without getting too techie up in here, Not only does this not increase your chances by 30, it actually divides your one chance into 30 smaller chances. Plus, if you have like 30 tabs open at once, you’ll find it hard to keep track of what’s happening on each and every one of them simultaneously. No more then ten is a good number, but the fewer you have, the less likely you are to lose track of what’s going on.

Furthermore, attempting to book tickets on multiple browser tabs can lead to transaction errors” say festival organisers. “This is because most web browsers do not create a separate user session per tab – information is shared between all tabs for any given website.”



In order to maximise your chances of getting to the front of the queue you’ll have to constantly refresh, there’s no way around it really, just keep smashing that refresh key till you get through.

TIP: Make sure to double check which keystroke does a “hard refresh” on your browser in advance (F5 on a PC or CMD+R on a Mac).

#9 Be persistent, patient and calm; Don’t panic and Do not give up!


Trying to buy Glastonbury tickets is quite often known to be a bit of a stressful business, but remain calm.

You want to go to Glastonbury. So does everyone else. This means there will be more people trying to buy Glastonbury tickets than there are tickets available. So, as you can imagine, it is a mathematical certainty that not everyone will be able to book tickets.

With this in mind, try not to get so panicked that you forget how to use a computer. The key is to stay calm throughout the process so you are able to navigate when things go “pear-shaped”.

TIP: If the page stalls (‘hangs’) or you experience any kind of error when filling in the booking form while you’re halfway through the transaction, and find that you can’t get any further, don’t panic – try this:

Press ‘back’ once, and then see if you can continue your booking from that point. If that doesn’t help, close the browser and start all over again. If you’ve been successful, the booking will be held for 10 minutes, so don’t hang around beyond that as your access to the page will have expired. You’ll have to close the browser and start again to gain fresh access to the booking page. Just grit your teeth and try again.

It is known that the longer you try the more likely you are to get a ticket, so don’t give up after the first half an hour – you might just get your hands on the last pair going.

#10 Don’t get carried away and start celebrating just because you’ve gotten through to the next screen


Once you reach the booking page please keep in mind your ticket is not your ticket yet. Not until the money has come out of your account. Until that point, assume everything will go Pete Tong (wrong). Getting through to the page where you enter your card details don’t mean anything so don’t start dancing and telling your mates you’ve got the tickets.

TIP: Enter all your registration and payment card details as quickly and accurately as you can – this is not the time to go add sugar you tea!

#11 Have your payment card details ready and make sure you have enough money in your account… Obviously

As we mentioned above, you can book a maximum of six tickets per order, which means you’ll need to pay a £50 deposit for each of the 6 tickets straight away, in one transaction. The rest of the ticket price is then payable in April. Don’t have your payment bounce and your summer ruined because you forgot how broke you are.

#12 If you’re not successful, there’s always April

You will need to pay off the rest of the money by early Spring – if you don’t, you’ll lose your tickets, and these will all be offered out again in the April resale.

Good luck!

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