Glastonbury 2017 gates open early as Michael Eavis greets revellers

Pedestrian Gate A Glastonbury Festival

The decision to open one gate (Pedestrian Gate A) early this year was taken by Michael Eavis, along with his daughter Emily, after witnessing the long queues for this year’s event, amid heightened security measures.

As if getting into Glastonbury earlier than expected isn’t enough – those who were lucky enough to get in first, had a surprise waiting for them on the other side. Michael Eavis himself welcomed them onto his farm, along with his daughter Emily and grandkids.

Thousands of other Glasto-goers are still queueing for what is turning out to be one of the hottest Glastonbury in years.

Check out all the action below:

6am queuing #glastonbury

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Watching the sunrise from the queue 🌅#glastonbury #festival #sunrise #queue #waiting

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