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A new Spider-less Arcadia show is coming to Glastonbury 2019

A new Spider-less Arcadia show is coming to Glastonbury 2019

Arcadia Spider

Glastonbury’s favourite Spider won’t be returning to Worthy Farm in 2019…

Organisers of Glastonbury’s iconic Arcadia Spider have now confirmed that their anticipated ‘Metamorphosis’ show will be returning to London on 4/5th May Bank Holiday Weekend. This following the 50-tonne spider’s first ever visit to the capital back in May, where Arcadia celebrated its 10th-anniversary.

Revealing the news on social media earlier today (November 15th), the announcement reads that the London appearance will be the “ONLY UK SPIDER AND METAMORPHOSIS SHOW IN 2019” – In other words, there will be no Spider at next year’s Glastonbury Festival.

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Confused Glasto-goers took to Arcadia’s Facebook page in hopes of finding some answers (or allaying their fears), and after reading through some replies by the Arcadia officials we now know that – Arcadia will be at Glastonbury next year, with no Spider “or Meta or the Reactor or the Bug” – they will be “kicking off something different just for Glastonbury that will then evolve over the coming years”.

Arcadia's official Facebook

Earlier in the year, Glastonbury curator Emily Eavis teased that a brand new Arcadia show is being worked on, and will be set for when Glastonbury returns in 2019. We had always assumed that the massive fire-breathing spider would remain a staple at Worthy Farm, so it will be exciting to see what takes its place!

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