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When is the Glastonbury 2019 Ticket Resale? Here’s everything we know…

Glastonbury 2019 ticket resale

Missed out on Glastonbury Festival tickets? You still have a chance to go to Glasto; It’s called the Glastonbury 2019 Ticket Resale!

The return of Glastonbury Festival is set to take place on June 2019, after 2018 saw one of the biggest music events in the British calendar take its traditional year off (aka a “fallow year”) – in order to let the land and wildlife recover.

All tickets for 2019’s Glastonbury Festival have already sold out after an estimated 2 million people had two opportunities to buy over 100,000 tickets back in October.

If you are one of those who have done the research, registered on the official Glastonbury website, got up early on that dreaded Sunday morning and sat poised ready with every electronic device you own for the moment that ticket sales open… and still did not manage to get a hold of the golden ticket snitch – do not despair, you will have anohter chance to try for tickets in the new year.

When is the Glastonbury 2019 Ticket Resale?

Although the official resale dates have yet to be announced, both the official Glastonbury website and festival organiser Emily Eavis, daughter of founder Michael Eavis, have confirmed that the Glastonbury 2019 Ticket Resale will happen in April 2019.

Anyone who bought a ticket will have paid a deposit of £50, and will be required to pay the rest of the ticket price by April of next year (from 9am Monday 1st April – 23:59 Sunday 7th April 2019).

Those who change their minds about going (for whatever unthinkable reason that might be), or find themselves unable to attend, will have the opportunity to advise Glastonbury and get some of their £50 refunded, minus a £20 administration fee (If the ticket was booked with a Coach Package, then an additional £20 will be retained).

The festival organisers will then go ahead and put forward these cancelled tickets for resales which usually takes place over a two day period sometime in April – see previous resale year dates below:

20 April (Thu): Coach Resale
23 April (Sun): General Resale

14 April (Thu): Coach Resale
17 April (Sun): General Resale

16 April (Thu): Coach Resale
19 April (Sun): General Resale

24 April (Thu): Coach Resale
27 April (Sun): General Resale

21 April (Sun): Resale

17 April (Sun): Resale

11 April (Sun): Resale

With resale tickets released only when deposits are refunded, and going by historical data, we can make an educated guess that coach tickets will probably go on resale on Thursday 11 April from 6pm with general sale tickets on Sunday 14 April from 9am.

If not, they’re sure to take place either the following Thursday (18 April) for coach tickets and Sunday (21 April) for general resale tickets, or Thursday (25 April) for coach and Sunday (28 April) for general.

How much will Glastonbury tickets cost?

In 2019, General Admission tickets will cost £248 + £5 booking fee.

Do I have to register?

Yes. Only people who registered to buy tickets and have a unique registration number (associated to their photo ID) will be eligible for these resale tickets.
If you haven’t already registered, you can do so HERE.

Do I have to pay the full ticket amount straight away?

Yes. Tickets will have to be paid for in full (£248 + a £5 booking fee).

Glastonbury Festival 2019 will run from Wednesday, June 26, 2019, till Sunday, June 30.

More as we hear it.


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Do you know if the resale for the pre erected tents will go on sale at the same time?


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